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Southland weather from kfi mostly sunny for the rest of the day we could see some low clouds forming overnight with lows in the '60s tomorrow it's going to be clear again highs about the same as today maybe couple degrees warmer highs in the '70s at the beaches 80s for metro la and inland orange county the '80s '90s for the valleys near one hundred for the i eat warms up even more for saturday and sunday with highs around eighty at the beaches of '80s '90s for elian inland sea 90s or 100s for the valley sinai eve it seventy nine in los alamos 95 in santa clarita 75 and seal beach 88 in gardena we lead local from kfi's 24hour newsroom him on any king johny catch shipu kfi am 640 everybody here we go to get a reminder that next wednesday narrowly six days away particular show outside the studios here a burbank headed the playa del rey we have never broadcaster johnny can show the mino reducing i think so the guys pretty safe to say yeah all the years we've been in southern california riveted a show nothing happens there was an ice little flessel of la near the beach right there there's never any news another is gridlock news and if you've been following us of course it's all about this idea to take away lanes and the city of los angeles an idea that trust us will catch on if you don't fight back at once you out of your car one way to do it is to stick you in such bad gridlock that you look for any alternative including staying home hopping on a bike a boss opeing on a subway doesn't exist doesn't exist anyway anyway were taken to show the playa del rey to a place called the shack like shaquille o'neal s hac k good hamburgers john good hamburger so the twitter known for his restaurant bar yes say good food but you're going to be outside because we're going to we're going to be bringing the gridlock nabi inside eating you of the show outs no i'm standing in the gridlock well it should be world should be more beach weather it will be you know like burbank weather oh is they're going to be a good good beach breeze they'll you'll be able to see the.

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