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Be purple. Well, I mean, here's one for twenty four thousand. Here's a nineteen ninety nine for twenty nine thousand four hundred ninety dollars an EBay. That's stupid. I think that's a good lofty goal. Comics. I feel like that has to be this. Mobile. Have you there two seaters? So if you see me during driving around in a Plymouth, purple Plymouth prowler convertible, flames we've made it has to have flames on wwltv made it then that's our superior. Oh, car kind of you know, like our greenhorn. What's the green hornet car? That's like a lack beauty or. Yeah. Isn't it a is? It's a convertible to it's an old school. Like, we saw it at a Comecon once I think they had it did. Yeah. It was not a convertible though. I thought they were now nineteen fifties cruiser type car black beauty. I mean, I don't know what kind of car. It was. I don't know enough about green hornet. I don't I should know more. It's just not my type of I don't think he's my type it is. No, it is kind of Norwich though, isn't it? I mean, I don't I really don't know enough about it. Nobody wears a suit to Seth Rogan movie. But I don't remember at all. I'd never watched. It never sought some comic book fan. You are. I mean, we're both literally saying how much we don't know about this. And then you're going to claim I know. Six chrysler. Okay. Awesome. Which is Chrysler Plymouth. Same company. They are the same company. We're we're I don't know one of them doesn't exist. It does not exist anymore in any case. We're going to be at sea to we're going to be wearing shirts. We're going to be passed out snarf, talk stickers. We're going to be looking for artists. And I'm gonna prow we're going to be Jerry gonna be prowl an artist alley. I have. Oh, there are some people. I do want to see though, there's colon Cullen bunn's going to be there at a table. Jason Aaron's going to be there at a table. And Kyle Higgins is going to be there to take it. Remind me the other two, you don't know. Jason Aaron remind me while I'd have to look up the books. But I I know I have a bunch of his books. He did Thor. Right. Yeah. He's done four Star Wars. I didn't know he did story. Okay. He's done about bond. Just yet. Kyle Higgins did ghostwriter stuff night wing. He's best known for Thor scalped ghost rider, wolverine punisher. Max there you go. Cool cool done. Some indie stuff though, that is that I like a lot. I can't remember it. I'll have to look it up. But Kyle Higgins house on a couple of podcasts. I want to get this. Listen his cousin Gustaf has furred wrote the book, which became the movie full metal jacket Jason earns his cousin Gustaf half hazard. He wrote in his semi-autobiographical novel the short timers on which the feature film full metal jacket was based was largely an influence on Aaron while. I mean, bam. How can you go wrong with that interesting? It's a small world it is. It's like Jason Al Aaron Gustaf has for it full metal jacket. Jerry Snyder, Chris Harford snarf, comics, you see it all the brick. Yeah. All right. It's all together. This is like a Stanley Kubrick thing, we're doing, you know, kind of like, I feel Kubrick, right? Now, what's your favorite Stanley Kubrick movie full metal jacket by far? That's is that a is that a Stanley Kubrick movie? Yes, of course, it is. I don't think it. It is one hundred percent directed written and co written and produced by Stanley Kubrick. Outta random loan. You know, what sometimes I do do that though? I think my favorite Stanley Kubrick movie. I see that's that's a good one. I don't know. Didn't he do a clockwork orange? He did. I like that moves a really good. It's not as good as full metal jacket. Did he do? It's different though. It's hard to. Oh. That's very different. Yeah. You can't do paths of glory, right? Yep. That's a great one. Shoot. I know there's another one kiss. That's a good one. They're like an alien movie that he did twenty two thousand one space odyssey. Was that him or was that it was him? That was him. Yeah. Because I was thinking Steven Spielberg with Steven Spielberg did nineteen thousand four well that and something encounter. Yes. Close encounters of a third kind. That's what I was thinking of. I think my favorite is Dr Strangelove. You know that I have never seen that. Yeah. I think he's like, I don't know if he's a producer on that. I don't know exactly his entire role in that a lot of people like that movie though. I love that movie. But I've never seen it any do. I need to check it out. You should it's great Peter Sellars come on. You can't go wrong with a good Pete sellers. Yeah. Wasn't he the Pink Panther? Anyway. I do want to see those people along with Kyle Higgins Kyle Higgins, I've listened to a lot of podcasts. He did. Awesome work on Batman stuff. He's doing a Power Rangers run right now that apparently is being like really loved not interested. No, neither my, but I'm interested in harassing these people to be on our podcast and interviewing them, and we're going to give them cards, and we're going to be like, hey, let's literally schedule a date right now. I haven't got cards yet. They're supposed to be here today. I wonder if they're at home. Well, they have to be here by Friday morning or otherwise this is over Chris otherwise for back in the printed guard. Yeah. I will hand those out you think they're ridiculous. I'm going to burn every last one. So yeah. I I want to see those people Cullen Bunn is really cool. Yeah. That guy's amazing. And I'm a backer on his Kickstarter for metro metro. And he co wrote with Brian. I'm blanking now as rela no from tell them, Steve Dave oh Franklin Quinn. Be BQ BQ should I wear my spot. Smart casters -i or my telephone Steve, Dave jersey. Who were wearing snarf stuff? Oh, yeah. So so neither none of those. Jersey underneath of your snarf talk shirt. Okay. But okay, you would look absolutely ridiculous. But you could do that. Yeah. I'll allow it in any case C two we too. It's happening will be there. It's going to be great with cells on. So I got a bunch of news. I got some news. You wanna do the news at Stu some news? Okay. I'm going to start off with one. That's quick. I talk about this. I feel like too much. I need to quit bringing it up. But I did feel like this was newsworthy. If it's about Bill Maher. I'm not getting into. No, it's about suicide squad again. Okay. And they came out and said that this suicide squad movie is a total reboot. Oh, the one with issue Selbe. Yeah. It's not a sequel. It has nothing to do with the past the other one it is a complete and total reboot. Here's a question. Why don't they just do that four issue dead shot miniseries from the nineties that was like cell good? Yeah. Everybody loves and not do. Suicide squad. I don't know why they are doing this. Or why don't they make suicide squad into a TV show? I think they could put it on their DC streaming app. Yeah. And it would do a lot better than a major movie because it's going to be your hauled the suicide squad. Right. Wait. What was the last one called suicide squad? Okay. Okay. Why are you doing this? I don't sound WBZ. Like, you're not the Warner Brothers. Yeah. Like what what are they thinking? We wait. Wait, wait. But it's James Gunn. I didn't see that. James Gunn suicide squad movie is a total reboot. I didn't see the James Gunn part. Okay. What how while that changes changes everything because it don't James Gunn? If you don't know is the writer director of both guardians of the galaxy movies. Well in other news that I have he also big news. He is also coming back for guardians of the galaxy three.

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