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G. or something so they know something open and Brady you take a Austin Healey bailing book if you do that but yeah it was made me want to beat the there for sure are they had a big weekend we're gonna have a big weekend this weekend Spanish market one of the biggest weekends of the year additional Spanish market and develop group tour a week yeah it goes on all week because of its I think starting today go through the weekend lots of things going on so let visitors are going to be in town at your weather forecasts ended little dodgy for the weekend but hopefully the storms will come in as a late in the afternoon can get everything taken care of wonderful contemporary art always enjoy the contemporary Spanish that's a great thing to see some some new artists young artists with the new taken using traditional materials but it's one of a kind another one of a kind Santa Fe event bringing people from literally all over the world for a great community we will have them here on Wednesday including the interim executive director of the Spanish market Alex Romero free no alley from the Senate chamber of commerce done Albuquerque great guy retired from there and you know it said yeah all right into you find a full time leadership of a Spanish market all in all step in and and get us through this for the Spanish colonial our society Segway tour they'll be here on on Wednesday what hello I know there's I don't know if he's an artist or not a collector or how he's involved but there's gonna be a system inspirations workshops lots of books to be a special mass during the weekend and the album is a local trial is hosting the preview on Friday evening where you can be the first to to see the award winning art and meet the artist is really close to it that's right you can get right up there and yeah that that's a great event it always amazes me when I can get really close to the to the straw applique how intricate it is it's amazing that's right it well and having a chance to talk with the artists that to give him respect get the get the story in the influence and you know figure out where they got their talent from and then you can kind of scope it out so that you can be the first in line camp out overnight Friday night to Saturday morning be the first in line to buy that one piece of a ten work or book dole or whatever you have to have for your collection a hundred and fifty nine artists forty four use artists I'm reading eight to five on Saturday eight to four thirty on Sunday so to and of course it's all free Richard though all of this stuff for you know you get a chance to go down there and and by this out we're going to cost you nothing to you know to walk the streets of Santa Fe and tons of food all kinds of vendors watch it is extraordinary that's right and sometimes car watching to the Spanish market you might see a few Loretta's Cruisin around this weekend big time Malcolm back to Simon Rackley CEO and president of the Santa Fe chamber of commerce in fifteen minutes after two o'clock on a rainy Monday afternoon in Santa Fe July the twenty second eighty four degrees but heavy rain today and expected all week will be right back and talk about sixty one of three seven K. T. R. C. Santa fe's news talk later.

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