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Brown justify can become the thirteenth triple crown winner today at the belmont stakes in new york but with a win he can also make a little history justify we'll have to beat nine other horses today no other triple crown winner has had to beat more than seven at the belmont including american farrow three years ago simona halif wins the french open today beating american sloan stevens in three sets after falling behind a set and a break the romanian halif wins her first grand slam title tomorrow rafael nidal tries for his eleven french title when he plays dominik team it's decision time again for lebron james he has until june twentyninth to decide if he'll opt out of his contract for next season and become a free agent espn's rachel nichols has talked about smart players having smart players around towns of players around him and the fact that he has made that a condition so many times makes me think that he wants to be surrounded by guys that he feels are on that higher level he talked about steve kerr talked about it the talent disparity tonight answered the basketball mindset disparity between these two teams has been pretty remarkable and i think that will all play into his decision the cavaliers are the only team that can offer james a fiveyear supermax contract worth more than forty million a year james says right now he has no idea what he'll do the first baseball final of the day comes from dc where alex ovechkin and the capital's threw out the first pitch and they brought the stanley cup the nationals beat the giants seven to five new york yankees.

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