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Derek chauvin sentenced to twenty two and a half years for murder of george floyd biden releases federal funds after twelve story miami building collapse and e you green. Light's major funding plan for refugees in turkey. It's saturday june twenty six. I'm anthony davis former minneapolis. Police officer derek. Chauvin was sentenced to twenty two and a half years in prison for the murder of george. Floyd who's dying gospels. Under show wtn's knee led to the biggest outcry against racial injustice in the us in generations the punishment which fell short of the thirty years prosecutors had requested came off to chauvin broke his more than year. Long silencing court to offer condolences to the floyd family. He also said more information will be coming out and he hopes the family will eventually have some peace of mind with good behavior. Forty-five-year-old chauvin could get out on parole after serving two thirds of his sentence or about fifteen years outside the courthouse. A crowd of about fifty people clasped hands or place them on each other's shoulders. The reaction was subdued as people debated whether the sentence was long enough. Some cursed in disgust in imposing the punishment judge. Pdk hill when beyond the twelve and a half year sentence prescribed under state guidelines citing your abuse of a position of trust and authority and also the particular cruelty shown to floyd. Floyd family attorney. Ben crump said the family had got some measure of accountability but is hoping chauvin gets the maximum at his upcoming federal civil rights. Trial crump said. This was the longest sentence a police officer had ever received in minnesota. Real justice would simply be that. George floyd would be here with his family. Crump said we have to remember. Real justice in america will be black men and black women and people of color who will not have to fear being killed by the police just because the color of their skin with nearly one hundred and sixty people unaccounted for and at least four dead after a seaside condominium tower collapsed into a smoldering heap of twisted metal and concrete. Rescuers used both heavy equipment and their own hands to comb through the wreckage on friday in an increasingly desperate search for survivors. A scores of firefighters in surf side just north of miami toils to locate and reach. Anyone still alive in the remains of the twelve story champlin towers south hopes rested on. How quickly crews using dogs and microphones could complete their grim yet. Delicate task charles. Burkett said crews doing everything possible to save as many people as they could. We do not have a resource problem. We have a luck problem. He said the white house said president. Joe biden who spoke with florida governor on santa's after the collapse was receiving updates from homeland. Security officials said they still don't know exactly how many residents or visitors were in the building when it fell but they were trying to locate one hundred and fifty nine people who were considered unaccounted for and may or may not have been there flowers left in tribute decorated defense near the tower and people awaiting news about the search watched from a distance hands clasped and hugging three. More bodies were removed overnight and miami-dade police director freddie ramirez sit with authorities were working with the medical examiner's office to identify the victims. Eleven injuries were reported with four people treated at hospitals man. Danielle levin carver said rescuers extreme risk. Going through the rubble. European union leaders greenlighted plans on friday to give turkey another three billion euros over the next few years to provide fresh assistance to syrian refugees. On its territory and to help the country boost border controls. Turkey reacted coolly to the plan. Saying it's a way for europeans to ensure the us own peace and security. Well over one million migrants entered the eu in two thousand fifteen many of them fleeing conflict in syria and iraq. The arrivals through turkey overwhelmed facilities in the greek islands and sparked one of the e us biggest ever political crises to persuade turkey to stop people. Leaving its territory. The twenty-seven nation block off the country six billion euros for syrian refugees and the prospect of fostering. A membership talks visa-free travel in europe for its citizens arrival as quickly dropped to a relative trickle and the e u is keen to update the arrangement membership talks are at a standstill and turkey has still not fulfilled several criteria to secure visa-free travel but the european commission has handed over most of the funds. And we'll pay the rest. as contracts. completed separately is providing a further half a billion euros for refugees there this year turkey is estimated to now host around three point seven million refugees from the conflict in syria lebanon and jordan are also sheltering hundreds of thousands. Each it's the first time. Such e you funding has been earmarked for migration management and border controls. The elliott funds were spent directly on shelter and education projects for syrian refugees in turkey. None of that money went directly to the.

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