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To flash flood warnings expired. A date thirty last night for the mountainous areas of central larimer county where the cameron peak fire hit so hard last summer areas in warning included rustic putin park Michelle walk and gulch's along colorado highway fourteen near and above a rustic Voluntary evacuation advisory issued earlier tuesday evening for concerned residents was updated at seven forty five to be a mandatory order for residents and businesses at the lower putin canyon. Lamoure county sheriff's office at that point said evacuate the area immediately as quickly as possible. Do not delay leaving to gather belongings or make efforts to protect your home or business. Now if you are in a flood prone area some very very timely safety precautions. You might wanna take under advisement you want to avoid those flood. Prone areas that all us Such as low spots on terrain and roads and ditches well do not attempt to cross flowing streams or creeks. And if you're driving be aware that the road might not be unseen tact under those of flood waters and of course if your call if your car stalls out to you want to exit it immediately and seek higher ground but never ever drive through flooded roadways. Turn around and go another way and again. That advice applies. If you can't leave the area move at least move to higher ground immediately now. The lamoure county sheriff's office posted on twitter early tuesday evening. That dangerous flooding was occurring in the area. From the joe wright reservoir this in the upper putter canyon into rustic and larimer county road sixty nine national weather service has issued numerous warnings that large debris in the river was expected and came to pass as well. Rockslides were possible and again sheriff's office advising anyone in the area to move to higher ground now. The forecast unfortunately calls for the chance of additional. Slow moving storms for today again. Forty percent chance of Scatter does storms could be heavy at times exacerbating the risk of more flooding in these already..

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