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A pedestrian is dead after getting hit in front of monta vista high school in spring valley last night. Authorities say the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk when they were hit this happened around eight thirty last night on Sweetwater springs boulevard that roadway was shutdown between Austin drive and low Mullane during the investigation. Contaminated runoff in the water aid, imperial beach could spill over onto the streets. Rain this week has already forced the closure of shorelines as raw sewage and other harmful toxins have been pouring in from the Tijuana river adheres Bill Holland with his market update. Stocks fire and now up over six percent. So far this year. China says it may have a way to end the trade imbalance on. We'll come to Washington for talks on January thirty meanwhile, Wall Street's on track for the best weekly game in six months and this ahead of a three-day weekend industrial production up. It's surprising three in December test with down ten percent. We'll cut payroll seven percent three thousand jobs and negative guidance. Walmart and CVS pharmacy deal. Well, Schaumburg J J B hunt. Both higher on each holiday and seven sixty care from the well, we don't have any rain in the forecast. So that's good. Currently though, the cloud. The skies are cloudy. We have sixty degrees at Lindberg. Field. AM seven sixty talk and breaking news more. Armstrong and Getty is next. Hey, it's spread coming up on my show today starting at three is the government still closed as shot is somebody blinking. We'll tell you suburban show AM seven sixty talking breaking. Probably wondered yourself what Jack. And Joe talk about during the commercial breaks. We're just in talking about the importance of stretching and how we never do it. Now, we should start. I should make that my New Year's resolution started. Now, I start stretching every single day for five minutes that was mine. A couple of years back was was stretching. I cannot touch my toes, and I'm tall and old tall. People for not flexible is not a good combination. Miami. If you drop a pen and say, oh, no, you ought to consider daily.

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