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To the extent black get around like a the guardian medical data when it comes to came from confidence fifteen instructional classes that they need to put in shop called question of the day yeah we've got a bucket full names are gonna draw a name out the buckets figure out who gets asked the question today you're going to want to get it right because if you don't you get shocked will sing the song with the listeners want to sing so Texan a seven eight five nine two and tell us what you want to hear as we get shocked today Brooks strongly about about that because she had it last and who to get broke you're laughing I don't like it for a lover of sweat pants five your statement my husband tried to threaten to throw away my sweat pants over the weekend like don't touch those that they're so good putting on the shock collar and while she does that digital Jake please read us the shock collar question of the day if you're a parent you know that cringe worthy feeling is when your kids has a question like why does mommy look like that in the morning completely off guard what do you do well a new survey of parents with kids were between the ages of two and twelve children ask almost forty questions a month the parents have trouble answering you in a minute did you mean a minute right now three year old and a six year old I need your name the top three most common tough questions that kids ask their parents all right so well okay like I said I have a three year old and a six year old who are both obsessed with babies and they can't quite figure out how the baby gets out of mommy's tummy yeah that is a hard question so you wait like it's it's not necessarily like where do babies come from it's more like how babies get here yeah where do babies come want to tell your daughter that story because even the twenty five year old woman it freaks me out you know you know where it comes yeah still like even after you've given birth twice you're like well I do not tell your children that story you show them a video of what happened so that they can understand obvious what what else is in it I'm sorry we're looking for questions that are uncomfortable or just hard to answer tough to answer yeah the other one like what happens when you die you know like that's a hard one well it is I mean the death is just as much a part of life is anything else and kids are super curious about it right seasonal but every year I get a lot of questions about Santa where does he live that's a good one how does he make all the toys yes those are good ones that's good that's good is he for load every other day of the year besides Christmas what kind of benefits does yeah J. greed the question more time parents are supposed to be a beacon of guidance and intelligence for their tags I need you to name the top three most common tough questions the parents get from their children if you don't like my three year old asking the other day he goes poop come out so mushi five hundred twenty seven years why do we group is a good one okay I'm locked in with like where do babies come from and how do babies get here basically is Santa real and then I'm gonna go with a death on a life you're all about that is that what happens when you die a new survey of parents with kids were between the ages of two and twelve from the kids ask almost forty questions a month but they have trouble answering asking in the top three in the list and they are number three is the jolly guy in the big red suit real I'll give you that okay number two where do babies come from and the number one answer on the list of top tough questions that kids ask their parents where do we go why is the sky blue scientists have never figure that out yeah I do we think it's trolls I always wanted to I always thought it was the ocean there flex really cool the oceans blue because the sky is blue not the other way around no I think that's no oceans water it's clear let's Google it all my yeah I explain the blacks in what about the Red Sea you're saying that we know jumping a group of seven eight five nine two someone explain to us why the sky is blue sky the ocean yeah well we're doing that broke somebody non someone is hearing you saying what is loved by hand away what a waste of money in private school for Jeffrey all right let's let's get ready with an electrocution baby me me no more what is the show was produced by myself the job buddy support helps okay thanks ninety two point five we believe the moms deserve not just today but whole week whether you're an essential working mom on the frontline isolated away from your loved one or having to wear that teachers had at home we want to give you a break by hooking you up with a free complete professional house cleaning and we'll leave it to us in a two hundred dollar grocery shopping spree just text.

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