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With with the stock market still way higher than it was when he took office, and so on I don't think people think this is an emergency. By the way, the markets up about three hundred percent through excuse me about three hundred points. Gary in Pennsylvania. Hey, gary. Brian. Privilege to talk to I've been on hold for over an hour. I want you to know you're talking to a sixty five year old democrat, Brian, but I try to take politics out of out of the equation. And that's why I love about you you too. I want to ask him Brian. I don't know if it's the media versus the message, but I'm recovering from surgery. I've watched all the C-SPAN debates, Brian I really try to be involved. It'd be uneducated voter I look at these racism. Ronda Dylan, Rick Scott at Bill Nelson. Christie sally. And I say this is a number credit when I take a look at the Republican candidates, especially to satisfy the mkx Sally, a combat pilot, for God's sakes. Opponent, or in some cases, really poor court candidates are socialist. So beside myself, even within the Dada racist. When I take a look at it, not just the Senate, but the governor's race it about applying nationally. I really look at these things. Here's what the media is the message because in some instances, I've seen this is a democrat. The democratic candidates are not the best. I don't see any reason why Republicans should not be I had more. So is it the message Brian? Thank you so much. Yeah. Zeke healthcare matters a lot. I'm sorry. You're going through your health challenge. But it sounds like you coming out of it. I look at Scott. And I just that's way against service, you make your money, and then you want to give back and you look what he's done. He's had over there. He's not trying to be the next. Rush Limbaugh, just trying to be effective and he brought twenty million jobs. He's recruiting companies around four Florida and he's gave a given everyone a rainy day fund. So if you want to come in sack and do a better job and education. All right. If you want to say that I could do a better job on the red tide. Okay. But you see what Gillam is add was. Is saying he's going to do about. Rick Scott's position as he runs for Senate. This guy wants to property taxes. He wants to make Florida a sanctuary state this guy. No longer doesn't understand if Florida's attractive because of the tax situation as well. As the weather. He's going to have Medicare for all which is unsustainable. And when people say the numbers don't end up because I'm gonna get other states to participate. Really, I try to convince your staff your state house and then try to get other states to participate because what you've done such a great job in Tallahassee or such a great job while under FBI investigation. I don't know what the people afford are thinking this is not Charlie Crist who's moderated maybe not conservative enough for some were liberal enough for others. This is stark Gillam is extremely talented charismatic, obviously, he's got a lot going for him. But in just pure policy, Florida changes dramatically, if he's able to implement some of the stuff we also Martha mcsally, I don't get Arizona. This is a woman in the metoo movement is the first fighter piloted front. Who's phone combat missions who's outworked her opponent whose opponents of own biography is huge holes in it? And who's chief of staff was caught on camera saying that she's only pretending to be moderate on issues that she's really a liberal. I what else do you want is if Martha mcsally is scripting or opponent, but they just did a poll, and it's big Sally trailing. Unbelievable. I know we got a lot of Arizona listeners. I want to hear from you. Tell me what a missing we're gonna come back and take your calls, then call Rove's sheds more light on this operation. Republicans and Democrats as he has a Wall Street Journal com coming out tomorrow, you listen to the Brian Kilmeade show, giving you everything you need to know..

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