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Com and search here to nominate your hero today sponsored by northwest federal credit union good morning it's ten twenty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks updating the situation in Maryland on the eastbound span of the bay bridge response showed up to the scene of the crash they're trying to do some clean up and move some vehicles out of the way for now all traffic eastbound headed on to the bridge is stopped until they can clean this crash off the bridge a little further down the bridge you will find work set up with the right lane getting you bye bye for now nobody is moving in the eastbound fifty delay is B. for sandy point stopped approaching the bay bridge now the westbound side of the bridge the right lane of three is blocked with the work two left lanes getting you buy with no delay northbound on the Baltimore Washington parkway near four after four fifty the work in the left lane southbound seeing a possible work crew make its way from the beltway headed toward for ten definitely seeing the backup watch for any lanes to be blocked southbound three fifty five near center drive in Jones Bridge Road it's a single lane getting by the pounds today and northbound to seventy the delay approaching and passing one twenty one where the right lane gets by the work in the district Firth sterling north bound the ramp to northbound I. two nine two a north bound to ninety five that is blocked with work southbound I. two ninety five new discipline parkway that crash cleared and eastbound Howard wrote after for a sterling the crash that crashed looks to be cleared as well if you're on the beltway the outer loop delay coming after branch Avenue toward Pennsylvania Avenue this is for work with the two right lanes getting you buy in Virginia westbound route seven near Potomac view road there's some traffic signal work watch for some lanes to be blocked you are getting by but it looks like at least two lanes are blocked near Potomac view road for the work need to manage a changing workforce it's time to get to know express employment professionals find a location near you at express pros dot com I read a Kessler WTOP traffic better enjoy all the sunshine today going to be a gorgeous afternoon mid sixties for highs today cool tonight clouds gradually on the increased temperatures dropping into the forties by Friday morning Friday rain moving in probably no later than early afternoon and rain be moderate times Friday afternoon and evening behind the rain.

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