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Away. News radio Time is 4022 teenage suspects in an arson fire that killed a family of five will be tried as adults. Denver D A Beth McCann will try 16 year olds Kevin Boy and Gavin Seymour with 60 felonies, including murder, attempted murder, assault and arson. Two and a 15 year old You're accused of starting the fire that killed five members of a single least family at their home in Green Valley Ranch. Three others survived the fire by jumping from second story windows. The arrest affidavits are sealed The D A says they'll ask to have the 15 year Olds. Case transferred from juvenile Court to District Court. Laura Hatch Keohane news radio Next week, the government will start shipping a million doses of Corona virus vaccine to 6500 pharmacies across the country. Governor Pulis's Colorado will get some of those doses, probably somewhere in the 5 to 10,000 range that will be going directly to pharmacies in Colorado 50 pharmacies, government officials say over the next three weeks will ramp up to send 40,000 pharmacies 10.5 million doses a week. Colorado teachers will be eligible to get the vaccination starting next week, Colorado Education Association president Amy Bach Oler tells Kay away news radio. The news has brought hope We're cautiously optimistic that when that date rolls around that it will actually happen. But it certainly is a key to getting us back safely to in person learning, so it's it certainly is a big sigh of relief. Ohler says vaccinations would go a long way to turn around any feelings of anxiety surrounding in person learning. Snow is returning to our forecast, so we've got a couple of chances on the way here is we're sliding into the beginning of February. It is one they are.

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