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At the heritage foundation a very good evening to you dean your observation of xi jinping revealing his partners in ruling of bill lien people is there fresh wind here or more of the same good evening to you good evening john good evening gordon um i take that actually has been a fascinating process uh the new people who have come in our grown from a different part of the party uh for example the car person who's been lifted me john who is coming out of the party apparatus itself a dozen human have had much in the way of leadership position after provincial level belva g um who gordon mentoring is only sixty years old he actively young enough two wire through the next party congress and twenty 22 an impact who of the other members are also young enough what this means is that has could employ people who based on precedent won't be asked to step down in 2020 too so no matter who comes to power in twenty two they're going to have a coterie of loyalist do all in the politburo standing committee garden yet dean what's interesting is also the you see people who are been identified with other power factions of power factions in the party and i didn't quite expect that although some people had been saying that that was going to be the case and that's an indication that either cg paying is sort of in the gil long go along mode or that he's not powerful to prevent other power centers from actually putting people on the standing committee we're going to learn the answer to that question and the answer to that question is really going to be i think point us in the direction as to where china's going that's an interesting take but i let me out one additional one it is also possible that he is feeling confident that he can allow other factions to have a little bite of the apple knowing full well that at the end of the day his is going to be the direction that the party is going to take after all his name literally is now enshrined in the chinese communist party constitution alongside mao and deng xiaoping dean were told that china's military and there were military men in the party.

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