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Yeah yeah. They're billing every month. Sal goes mandalorian. Yeah that's how it goes. Tiktok was the top apps in an app in terms of consumer spending that was not a mobile game generating four point seven million dollars. Globally on christmas ads spending spending. Can i shop in tiktok shop in. I don't know they partner with shop five shop. So i shop in tiktok and they get a piece take targets a piece. We really use that to you. I think either you or i would have to use. Take talk to know exactly. What's going on anyways. Apple's app store captured the bulk of the spending on a two platforms. It got almost seventy percent of the total spending and well that leaves about thirty three percent. No not thirty. Three percent thirty two percent anyway leftover for the google playstore. Of course this doesn't map accordingly to the installed base of both of these platforms. But it's been known for a while that as far as app spending concern happen. A lot of it happens on ios. Mr willy do tiktok purchases. Maybe that's what it is. Some games though amazon greece by podcast startup wondering. Did you know podcasts or big deal. Yeah i've heard. I've heard things ghani offers yet and the inbox for lou later amazon amazon spotify. No actually nobody. They don't wanna hear that. See the audience here knows that sell out you can find it. You can find new later anywhere. Yeah you can find will everywhere everywhere man. I think we put it everywhere. It's pretty much everywhere right. Apple podcasts. Google podcasts spotify. Podcasts stitcher youtube that say you. I guess the big names. I don't know for or not. We should at the. Yeah we probably should anyway amazon. Podcast but yeah. I like the idea of being everywhere being accessible but obviously there there's some money thrown around and it's been mostly reported on spotify side. Yeah you giggling over there. I watch this podcast for five hundred million new your.

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