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Marlins shortstop Miguel row. Haas leftfielder herald Ramirez, hitting second, third baseman, Brian Anderson. Batting third Starling Castro play. Second base bats fourth right fielder. Cesar play low heads fifth center fielder. JT riddle batting six the catcher Brian holiday at seven first baseman, yada, yell of Rivera batting eighth and your pitcher, sandy outcome. Tara hitting in the nine hole for the fills second straight night breaks Harper in the leadoff spot playing right field Reese, Hoskins hitting second playing first base. Jay Bruce Aleph Euler its third. J T Rowe behind the plate, does the catching heat. It's fourteen Gora in the lineup. Batting fifth at shortstop Scott King, third baseman bat, six Cezar anandas, second baseman, hitting seven Aaron Nola, hitting in the eight whole tonight, eight Kappler moving the pitcher up the aide whole Nola will hit their and Roman Quinn getting the start in center field. And he will bat night, there your line for tonight's ballgame lets get Dan in the northeast in here before we turn it over to Phillies on deck. What's up then? Hey, tom. Hey towing. I'm Scott real quick, because I know we're short on fine. Thanks. I don't understand. You know, I got problem in the city is sugar coats, everything. People don't wanna hear that we got pitching problems. We need another star, and I picked the closer. And everybody's gotta start at the park. But the lineup this is a question I have for you. Why is hitting back and six in Harper Lee? No one this guy on the team and the federal on the team. But and sit behind the guy that don't run them out way. It's interesting lineup. It looks like and I appreciate the call Dan. Thanks, man. And it looks like what games do any wants his power guys at the top of the order. I think it's something just to try to jumpstart the offense. Honestly, I don't think this is a permanent fix. I don't think he looks at it that way. I think this is something to try to jump start the lineup and you've got the power guys at the top Kingery eating six maybe should be a little further up in the order. But we'll see how it works out. They scored a few more runs yesterday with this lineup structure. So we'll see how it goes. I'm Tom Kelly. This has.

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