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We have that thing you know and the president president learned of sessions recusals the president was furious and said he wanted an attorney general who would protect him the way a kennedy and holder protected their presidents and trump also said he wanted to be able to tell his attorney general who to investigate. That's scary in addition. The president had motive to put the f._b._i.'s russia investigation behind him. The evidence does not establish that the termination the nation of komi was designed to cover up a conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia as described in volume one the evidence and covered in the investigation did not establish that the president or those close to him were involved in the charged russian computer hacking active measures conspiracies or that the president otherwise had unlawful relationships with any russian officials but the evidence does indicate that that throughout <hes> that a thorough f. b. I. investigation would uncover facts about the campaign and the president personally that the president could have understood to be crimes or that would give rise to personal personal and political concerns so there's intent and although the president publicly stated during and after the election he had no connection to russia the trump organization through michael cohen was pursuing the proposed trump tower moscow project. There's something for everything through june. Two thousand sixteen and candidate trump was repeatedly briefed on the progress of those efforts and addition some witnesses witnesses said that trump redacted redacted and one of those in a while and you know <hes> at a time when public reports state of the russian intelligence officials were behind the hacks jackson trump privately sought information about future wikileaks releases and i think stones under that redacted stuff and more broadly multiple witnesses described the president's preoccupation with press press coverage of the russia investigation and his persistent concern that it raised questions about the legitimacy of his election. There's that sad dick energy again. <hes> those redacted bits like i said i think they're stone own. Discussing future wikileaks releases with trump gates <hes> witnessed it at one point. I think cohen did too and that was mentioned in volume one and finally the president and the white house aides initially advanced a pretextual reason for the press and the public for comex termination in the immediate aftermath of the firing hiring president dictated a press statement suggesting he had acted based on d._o._j. Recommendations and the white house press officials repeated that story but the president had decided to fire komi before the white house solicited fitted those recommendations and although the president ultimately acknowledged that he was gonna fire me regardless of the d._o._j. Recommendations he did so only after d._o._j. Officials made it clear to him they they would resist the white house's suggestion that they have prompted the process that led to combs termination and the initial reliance on a pretext..

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