Australia leads the world in smart speaker adoption



Aliens love this smut speakers. We have more than the Americans fair dinkum Australians love their smart. Speakers twenty nine point three percent of all Austrailia NHS have access to one which is the highest percentage in the world's beating even the US. Google home has dominant market share of over sixty eight percent and fifty five percent of Australian say they use their smart speakers for podcasts. That's new data from voice bought dot AI who released its Australia. Smart speaker consumer adoption reports twenty nineteen patriot is launching new payment plans for new creators in may, including a simpler way of joining the service. Hot part is out covering burn out and the Gimblett union. Congratulations to Nick coir for two hundred additions of his in his words comically lengthy newsletter. We listen to this the other day, I heart Todd cast AM fourteen seventy it's iheartradio's new AM. Station in Allentown in the US, and we quite liked it. So we reviewed it. You'll find a link to that in our show notes and in our newsletter. The audio crafts podcast festival in Sydney in New South Wales in Australia at the end of may has just announced its initial lineup including speakers from ninety nine percent invisible. Vox nest and Spotify. Soundcloud has partnered with Southern Cross stereo for at representation in Australia. Jacobs media is once more bringing the radio industry to podcast movements with their now. Well, known broadcasters, meet podcasters portion of the conference one of those broadcasters that goes Cumulus who owns the Westwood One podcast network last year. It ends twelve point five million dollars in profitable podcasting revenue according to CEO Mary burner in new data. Nielsen says that ninety nine percent of US adults. Listen to podcasts every week at us in research is recent infinite dials has twenty two percent of US adults. Listen weekly. The two independently researched figures look close enough to us both excellent news. The folks at radio link also own a podcast newsletter. Headline this as only nineteen percent. A million ads. A clever dynamic ads pot company has opened a New York office and announce new hires anchor has produced with training company. Skill share a free introductory course on podcasting. If you want equivalent to pod news, but for China, you want just part it's put together by Yang. Ye and if you want to decent press kit fuel podcast, we would recommend the one from this podcast hand and man. No, it's got everything writer needs to write about their podcast and Woolworth copying.

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