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Lot of system and panoramic roof, y'all knew raff Ford LTd, Toyota, let's go places JV Ellen clarifier registered trademarks of Harman international industries, Inc. Yeah. I mean, Victor depots really good, and they you know, to their credit they've been playing well without like to their credit the Pacers of trucked along they haven't made any excuses. They haven't put their heads down there. Winning basketball games. They're really good team. So we'll see what happens for them. Them upcoming. I really I to go back to Wayne wait, I really want him to make playoffs. I have one them to be in the playoffs. Even if it was in the first round of Milwaukee, I just wanna see him play. And he's been good lately. He was good against Sacramento. The other go, you know, what I'm not retired? I'm gonna say another year. Hello Brett farve. You talked about Jeremy Lin signing the raptors, right? Yes. No. Yes. Yes. We did very briefly. He liked that signing for them. I do what about Nick staus traded three times this week. And then he goes back to its he got traded on. Yes. Like what? Sorry. Sense sour Cabral's make for some weird trades and traded three times. And then one of the things that traded you in the middle of all that nonsense. Once you back. It's like what I never heard that happened before ever though, I've never seen a team go back to a guy like that before anything that good hate to tell you next house because you're you're drafted because Runa Devi had a Fattoush in with you over hyped to you by calling you Klay Thompson body Steph curry shooting and kind of made you into a you are now not just a juryman. Nothing more. I know the season with the blazers shooting pretty well. Yes, he was pretty positive with the blazer. He was like a decent player for them off the bench. Yes. He I. He's a great player. Did you hear about the Knicks did what their season tickets they removed Katie from there? There's an image in their season ticket holder flyer package, whatever and it was there. A young player. Mitchell Robinson playing next to Golden State Warriors per Kevin Durant in a pitch season. Ticket holders is was that a calculated move or what or pure coincidence. I don't know. It's sounds like it wasn't a coincidence though. To me. The reasoning seems like X put out a statement. And this is what they said, let's hear this game action photos are used all the time for marketing purposes, but given everything going on we took the precaution of taking the photo down to be clear. It was one of several rotating photos on the website. What do you think about that? I think that's saying. Hey, excuse. Yeah. It is. Interesting. To say, the least anyways anything else you'd like to add for today's version of the GMC basketball podcast now becoming three times a week two Monday Wednesday Friday, and I'm sitting in that is correct. Yes. And as always my name is Jeff Mon off that name that name over. There is Mark Souza..

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