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For those teams was it was just truly wonderful. And then always had such good groups of guys over there. Bob Melvin is is one of the best managers in baseball. He's still good. You know, very very dear person to me, very close. I'm honored that I get to play for him for so long. So I can't say enough good things about Oakland. Actually, if you give me enough time to keep it brief. It's just such a special place for myself, my wife, and I we watched our family grow from three to five there. And just had so many special relationships over in Oakland. So it'll be great to be back in the bay area and see some of them. Yeah. What about playing against them? Now, you know, it's like the giant dodger thing, you know, if you're a dodger, and then a giant, you know. And now it's as giants have about that. It's definitely gonna feel weird. You know, the first time I'm walking in a giants uniform playing against the as is gonna feel pretty weird. We get into some pretty heated games those bay bridge series games. They you know, they they mean a little bit more. You know, they're they're not just interleague play. So we always we always got really excited to play against the giants. And now playing on the flip side. There's definitely it'd be some strange emotions that are stirred up. But I'm so honored to be a part of the giants organization was so much storied history. And just the great people that are in this clubhouse. And now, I get to join them is pretty fun. There's a musical to you. I hear tell me tell us about it by it's supposed to bring that up. But now I I was in. I was always musicals and plays growing up as a kid. I was in choir and honor choir all through high school. I loved singing and actually tried to do both in college. I wanted to sweet singing the men's chorus and play baseball. But they made me make a choice and those pretty easy.

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