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Spies liquor lemon juice and Campari like very robust flavors. I've never seen I've never had like absence. Aquavit in Campari together for instance. But it all works. They do really bold things here and the results are really exciting and great. I Love Maine fell in love with Portland. And if it didn't get cold. Probably try to move there but yeah I'm trying to stay away from Colon Yeah and then if you continued up the coast as you shed because Acadia. National Park is up the coast. There's this lovely little. Seaside town called bar harbour and that's the entry town to Acadia and it's this island towns small city with tons and tons of great independent restaurants and cafes coffee shops bars all of that and unsurprisingly seafood. Is The star here at all of these so much like we didn't get too much time here really sad I would love to. I mean this is the place that it would be kind of buckled down and like hang out for a few days and just Katya back up when it's not cold and like forty degrees good option. Yeah because a lot of the restaurants here are seasonal to which makes sense because it does get so cold and tourism drops off because a lot of Acadia is not accessible in the winter. So you have a lot of like lobster centric restaurants like Stevens lobster pound and Eden lobster and a bunch of others that'll close for. They'll take legal winter break. You know which is nice. Oh Yeah and then there. Was that one coffee shop. Independent Was so great You know because when we are there was forty degrees. It was perfect but they had like sandwiches and other like bakery items and Perfect perfect Little Coffee Shop reminded me of Central Park in friend. Yeah not as like fancy like not advanced. You know there's not like a lounge chair there but it definitely had that like you know the owners. They're you know or you know the main people are there and they're not like trying to be something they're just trying to do. Great Quality Food and coffee. It was really yeah. I HAD BLUEBERRY COFFEE CAKE. Morris again blueberry everything everywhere and I'm all about it and then yeah. Barbers has died with these. Really Nice cosy place like the Chart Room. Just like the best. Like kind of quintessential nautical vibes. It feels like you're in a sailor's I duNno. Shop or something like the Holla ship with like salmon and Macadamia crested halibut. Main like main crabcakes. And then the thirsty whale lively more rustic POB Bob's roles and chowder. And this is where the lobster bisque. I don't think so. No no I remember that lobster says you can get lobster. Bisque almost anywhere. You probably the best roles. But I love a good solid lobster bisque like I forget how much I love it until I go to somewhere like Maine and get some beautiful lobster bisque. Yeah well this is the place to eat and go lobster. Crazy Bar Harbour. Portland the coast. We I mean we have a lot to explore here. I'm still very good a northern Maine and just go back to all of this and I think the beautiful thing here is like showing. That Maine is a lot. More than just lobsters and blueberries. Yeah it is. It's what it's ploys it's diverse outer it's new it's Inventing things in its trying things differently. Just a beautiful place to go and explore all these magnificent foods. I seriously cannot wait to go back but I'm leaving now because I'm hungry. Same you've been listening to park land. A show about national parks park land dates and production of iheartradio created by Makara. Wak Brad Care. Wack and Christopher has Yoda's produced and edited by Mike. John's our executive producer is Christopher. Has He Otis R. Researcher. It's Jesulin shields goes out to Gabrielle Collins Crystal Waters and the rest of the park landy accrue and hey listeners. If you're enjoying the show leave us a review on Apple podcasts? It helps other people like you find our show. You can keep up with us on social media as well check photos from our travels on Instagram Park Linnea pod and join in on the conversation and our facebook group. Parkland Rangers from our podcast. My heart radio visit iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Wherever you listen to your favorite shows and.

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