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There's no possible way. He was making that turn. He should've known a lot a lot better than to know that. There's never going to make that turn now. I know it's enticing when people slowdown and move over and sees part there's all this daylight but you I know you're not getting out the other side of it. Yeah that's a tough one. That's a tough one too because you're right a lot of times on the tracks somebody has to turn the next sky. The next guy that are all in the same line. And you're like just seems like there's an opening here I don't know why no insane slowing down moving over there's plenty of day. Yeah so We got that car rage brody. The yellow flag does is passing during the yellow. The we called it end and called into the mecum auction. Yeah and We bid on it and went for about a the hammer at one forty five sat on the phone. It got there fast. You know what people don't realize about these auctions is they get from zero to hundred thousand plus or million plus. They don't get there and five minutes. They they get there and forty five seconds. Yeah the whole thing was probably two minutes long that that maybe maybe because they slow down a little at the end when they try to milk it but they go all right. Let's start with fifty fifty any okay. Seventy five seventy five hundred okay. We're at one hundred. That's eight seconds. One hundred eight seconds. It moves quick and it was once it hit a hundred it was it was one fifteen one twenty one twenty five. I think it hit one thirty. And they asked us for one forty and we said one thirty five and he's like one thirty five accepted. I was yeah well we split we number and then yes we hammered at one. Forty five It felt like there was only one other bidder. Maybe in the beginning there there's a couple but once it hit that one hundred ten one hundred fifteen mark I think it was just Just two people just us on the phone and and some somebody else. It's a nice piece and I think it's the kind of thing you could drive at Rennes Sport. For sure it runs sport and then at some point when you could probably drive that thing for the Monterey historic so I mean it is twenty years old already. I think it it. It could do some Porsche Club of portion clubs things like dad but I don't know I could just drive it down to Bruce Miles Rodeo drive show I think it's kind of St Komo lights and stuff and you have some footage or the aftermath of of the Braga Newman racing racing suit. He's got out of the car. The reason contact although it was really his fault. There is the car the number fifteen contact with Lola..

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