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That, for whatever reason, that's a comfort zone. We can help them with that some people They're like, Well, my house is a wreck. We're holding for Sean Hannity K d W en Las Vegas K K. L Z HD to Las Vegas. Ah Beasley Media Group Station. Clark County has grown so much in the last few years, but there's still a lot we could do to make it an even better place to live high. I'm your host, Wendy Rush, and we're not here to talk about problems. Our community is a family. We're all in this together. That's why we are talking solutions. I thanks for joining us. I'm on the phone today with W G. You Western Governors University regional vice president Then bow Thank you so much for being on the phone with me. Thank you for having me really appreciate the time today. Of course. My pleasure. So now what is the history of WW? It's an online college nonprofit. What's the history behind it? W do you that started 1997 by 19 U. S. Governors with the mission to provide affordable, high quality, higher education utilizing technology, the governor's felt there was a way to expect. That's so w you as you really carried on that mission over the last 20 years we have currently Rolled popularly 120,000 students, and we have awarded about the heart and 83,000 degrees very short period of time have established ourselves as a credible, online nonprofit university. That really is true to a commission of providing high quality, affordable, higher education. And what degree programs to you offer only have four colleges, College of Business, College of Health professions and our teacher's Come We have over 60 degrees with a note for colleges that the undergraduate and graduate level and I imagine this cove in 19 pandemic. You're seeing a lot of the higher numbers of people who are enrolling, looking for different job opportunities. You know, we have started to see an increase in some of the application coming in. And so that really just highlights the importance of W genuine our mission. Along with 19 we have seen really the high number of unemployment in the United States. And a lot of people right now funny themselves trying to figure out how to remain relevant in the workplace. W You provide an opportunity for them to kind of solve that equation. Begin. They can come to w d you as an affordable online platform to upscale re skill. Get new skill to get ready for the economy to turn around, sir, Do you offer job? W you just associates bachelors? Doctor. It's what levels of degrees you offer. We have at degrees as well as the master's degrees. And all four colleges still again College of business colored by team, college health profession and teachers College Both we have bachelor's and master's degrees offered in all of our college is awesome. Now, Rick, What is your role? Has the regional vice president? What does the regional vice president do for W do you and how did you get involved and get into that position? That's a great question. I guess. For the most part, I've always been a proponent of higher rated as someone who has benefitted from just being a professional student. I realized that folks don't necessarily have Opportunity of the life circumstances and so for me, coming here was a way to again promote higher education is a way to opportunities and believes the mission of W you that I am really attracted to. It's an affordable option. It's flexible. It's accessible and really in this day and age. It allows people to take control of their trajectory but also their learning, competency based model. We don't just focus on time we focus on the learning aspect, and when you look at that model and compare To our students of mourning today, very innovative, modern, one that will resonate as kind of deal with that the opportunity with my own Children they learn with smartphones that come with Fortune's. They have all the hot tech video games in the classroom. They're learning kind of one on one with the teacher, not a dynamic, not is engaging, and as a result of that we see some of our students or in the dynamic between the high tech world and maybe this old way of doing things and not have engaged. And so to me and a morning even more. We deal with the pandemic and a lot of institutions going on online, learning the ship and to really kind of maybe develop a better approach to allowing our students all students, really a better opportunity to learn that is more effective and so again from me to participate in the form that I am is regional vice president from weapons Governor's University is a fantastic opportunity to make an impact and be a part of something special. It sounds like a very rewarding position. Especially with the passion that you're putting behind your answers are all of the classes at W. Online. Do you have any that are in person? When our health profession college are dirty school? There is some component to being in perfect in our lab. That's what I was going to ask about. That's good. Say, how do you do Lab work? We have to do that..

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