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Behind in a kind of nine hundred. Finish second we of year filmmakers. These these were some suffering of the week before the force. Yeah the these are some solid runners. Yeah this is. This is a nice field. Let's listen to durkan here. Is prince colleagues intercontinental. Bobby frankel and full house at beautiful belmont park the two thousand five years affiliate mirror what samara speed but is there risk versus in between those two. When does not far behind mona. Lisa's forwardly placed today but there it goes intercontinental out to race for the lead as they make their way for the i heard so it's intercontinental on the outside up the lead wendy's second and mona lisa. Not far behind on the outside. Third risk-averse opposed today fourth toward the head and then inbetween. Horses is flipped running along and fifth position. Now on the outside. It's karen's caper. She's four wide around the first turn running in six hundred seventh and on hold on the inside. We keyboard right there and mid pack in this bulky field. She's running along eighth position. Not far behind us wonder again. And then on the outside filmmaker watching a bid from about ten legs out of it followed by lewis line favorable terms and gara trails. The field and very keen upfront is intercontinental. Who's the pace year. Rafeal bay around china's settler dom which was able to negotiate a half mile in forty eight and four fifths new seconds over this off going that's attempted pace for these leagues up top intercontinental now being challenged by wind as they race. For the half-mile pole parents caper looms on the outside right. They're running at third mona lisa. Underwrite a stamp with mild ago. Flip-flop continues to run. Well boards only five lakes behind as they enter the far. Turn by lewis line filmmakers launching. Her bed wonder again still about nine. Or ten lakes. Send drop threads her way through risk versus tailing off followed by terms. And at megahertz is wavy. Megahertz has been trailing update. Turns for all still shakes took now the worst case he says. He's says they're buff. They youtube buffering. The thing that's not here we got almost thing we love. Well yeah i mean she. She.

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