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Last season ramage. Your wasn't it. yes it was an i. Can i can see how his staff got together after the game against doctor and say you know what. I don't know what we're gonna do going forward. Let's get about that for a second. How about we just focused on defending and defending i. That's not concede dumb goals. Listen on giveaway spaces that we don't need to. Let's not get stretch and what you saw from. Grandmother was actually having a line. Confrontation started weld within their own. And that is more like the reality that we saw at times in the runs that they would see dan In encamping sleek over over the last few seasons in which when they found a lot of success was because they absorbed a lot of pressure and then they went on the now one minor differences between those teams that were successful in champions league and this team for it is the fact that leading back counter was ronald been. This is not quite the same but having said that it was good enough for today where the space is that. They had to defend where far smaller. We're far reduced because that way when you drop those numbers behind the ball as they did. You don't get stretched. You're not helping with a lot of numbers. You're helping with space. You're convincing the space and forcing civilians mistakes. And then they went on the counter and you so more and more of that as they buy game on and certainly once they wind up one nothing but on monday he does defend. It tried to look for connor hoping that they could string a couple of buses together and counterattacking. Somebody would make the right decision. The end businesses unable do to make those right decisions and they'll take an own goal from bono. No problem one hundred and three points not to see you but as you mentioned before gills pro for these things. Ram madrid and barcelona so inconsistent. You can't imagine this is going to be the spot will get real madrid back to their sensational bass just because we have seen this sort of performance and what followed after that but for atletico madrid another wind today. Another clean sheet as well. Joe's it's that supposed to lose you could say even though it's so early on daca really agree with you is titled to lose and we. We've spoken about them log on the show and every time impresses.

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