Rick Gates, Congress, President Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Texas. FBGA Sacramento, TBB HD, two KFI Pollock pines. From ABC news. I'm Todd at the shooter in the massacre at two New Zealand mosques who killed forty nine people posted rantings online against Muslims and non whites ABC news senior foreign correspondent, Ian panel says though, it's tempting to focus on the political message. It's more important to remember. These actions are not those of a mentally stable person people who are able to get weapons and cayennes attacks. Whether it's a mass murder or whether it's a terrorist attack. They may claim to have a political agenda. But there are also people who are highly unstable, and we should see it for what it says. Greg Robertson chief of surgery at Christ Church hospital has an update on the injured of the forty eight patients admitted to cross stitch hospital from the incident saving have been discharged. The others include a four year old girl who has been transferred to the stash of hospital and Auckland critical condition and eleven people are in the ICU in critical condition. President Trump for the first time using his veto power Friday blocking a resolution passed by congress to block his national emergency declaration has it in framing. This fight is simply about security congress vote to deny the crisis on the southern border is a vote against reality. But Republicans who voted to block the emergency declaration said this is about the constitution and the president over-stepping by going around congress resolution now goes back to congress where it's unlikely lawmakers have enough votes, the two-thirds majority to override the veto. That's Karen Travers a defendant caught in the Russian investigation still cooperating even as the case appears to be winding down. Done with Rick gates, President Trump's former deputy campaign chairman the special counsel's office said gates is still cooperating on several ongoing investigations after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy and lying to the FBI. The special counsel's office said it needed another couple of months before. It's ready for gates to be sentenced gates was a longtime business associate of Paul Manafort who was just sentenced this week. Tune additional three and a half years in prison. This.

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