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The position that they'll get a boss show. Yeah yeah hear me right. Just the real king born brooklyn piece to the live chat piece to tv family. Let's get to this fight man and be going to talk about porter. Oh gosh yeah. I said it poured in old guy. Nex yasuo applauded face high. He moving with this shit man. He's chomping at the you like. Oh sisters do pack now can get it on. Let's get into this old man you know if you fifty years. Oh you ain't going to run a four three in the fourth you demand got before i is man. We didn't see. And even though he put hands on thurman and drop them in everything to yes forty two going on forty three. he knew it's time it was faced. You have more lumps in pita poem. You feel me so like i said man. You know not not suspect to mini you. Always try. cymru's megs man. He was sorta like quicksand. Man guys now is the economy. He ain't the real man where he condominium right. So what are you going to do us. Y'all be probably gonna get Recant concern me. 'cause terminated fight nobody's term with had even a boss fight against fabian donna. He coulda legal this way and to get their belt from old guys that you heard well like. I said it's going to be porter. And i'm not on his stand calling friends and what does not y'all can't see it. I can't say top rank. Who are you gonna go to contract. And i told what is he going to created. No no no no no no no no dinky dogging i think he's gonna make a move to. Pbc or become a free agent acts. Everybody i actually sit on a backpack. I couldn't get on skype because you know what it is with that. But like i say y'all all everybody in the on army i need to think to sit out right. What the fuck is going into it. What is poor. They're going to could going be the army now. I'm sorry they got it all guys right. Now it's kinda to me. He ain't the man. 'cause it's still ever you know what i mean so tennis smith give them some only twenty three percent one in that people more people want you guys to fight term and we just did a poll what we have four hundred people. Listen but but don't deserve talk. He has important why. I said the bill got a tune-up man. We gotta keep it nice with the people. You live chat shit last night. Thank you for that but we gotta keep real not belong right. I'm put it through late. This terming talk game as he could settle a fight no to me. What about it. Isn't it fair that term. He gets his right importing. Don't get it mandatory saint even in the top bra and it's only taught for on on. Ibm they gotta give me the got sunny but no words. And i'm i'm gonna everybody mad any fucking this king for talky you never ever. I told people last year until this last year. Tolstykh blasio back. We not going to get this. Every fight i shit going on. I don't think it's going to happen. Have my word. He ain't fucking with that right now. You're never gonna do business with somebody that just expected to put promotion behind you. Hope you're right man. I really know that you know the he don't but difficult man difficult difficult but on our poll we asked. Who do you want to see. Or excuse me i said who do you want. For thurman and You know we said. Ooh goss virgil japan and tang and everybody picked guga's now acts on my on. My community pays not just alive. Who do you want for thurman necks access on a community pay which san and wake up to these results mignona and see what the people said. That'll be i. Boom we act on the community on youtube. So if you want to drop your suggestion do so Alright alright alright. Alright alright we got. Who's this. I gotta use the sheet. I don't know who's this guitar. I'd been a Young profit profit would up to a school loose. Goose he Greg show news I just wanted to say man like Y i mean i deserve because unified early on five earls already taken outside of becky yeah The biggest name in north way. So why not get if need be spent some begs the bigger fight but Far as it goes. I think he's gonna go to zone. 'cause i mean it at least try to get more She by and then people like argument man ain't gonna pay he making money all. So why did you pull out papers on making no money off only see but that's my car. Nasdaq what i'm saying. He's these fans want to do with. Bob is on like free radio saying like you crazy but like come on larry's but i get it man. This is what your favorite fighter makes you do. Man you get desperate. We've all been listen. Looks like we got debbie body nets. Gto instagram and twitter refresh over Supachai's behind Catch me tomorrow morning nine. Am you know nothing change. We are back in the morning. Talk more boxing and looks like we do. Maybe no we did that arrived with gone poos..

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