Joe Biden, Bates Sanders, President Obama discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


All right. I'm only going to former. Abam senior advisor and currently hosted the X files and senior political commentator David Axelrod joins us senior political reporter, namely a Henderson. And she political analyst, Gloria borger political writer. David chalian just McIntosh who served as director of communications outreach for the Hillary Clinton campaign. She's CNN political commentator. Also with CNN, Polkomtel van Jones seen fan Joan show and former special visor to President Obama, and finally seen emplo commentator, Terry McAuliffe, former DNC chairman and former governor of Virginia. David, what as you kind of wait with anticipation of popcorn for tonight's debate. How does the shard nam after think this plays out for providing? Well, look, I think this is a big night for him. And I think he has one. It's interesting. The oldest and the youngest candidates are going to be standing next to each other. And for both of them age is an issue in different ways for Joe Biden. I think he has to show that he is active engaged and forward, looking and not enfeebled and backward-looking, which is how some would like to portray him some of his opponents would like to portray him. So this is a test for two hours is, is vigorous has engaged. How does he handle the the Sanders comes after him? How does he handle that? That's a big story for Buddha, judges the opposite. Does he belong on the stage? Is he ready to be on the big stage? How does he handle when the inevitable question comes about some of the events in south bend recently relative to police involve shooting had his hand? That people will be judging, whether he has that kind of stature and metal to be on the platform. So those are two big storyline Sanders. I think, and I said this last night, he is going to want to burnish his credentials as the leader of the left. He is losing some of that support to Elizabeth to Elizabeth Warren. And one of the ways he can do it is to set himself in opposition to vice president Biden, and I think you'll see some of that. And the thing about Sanders gory Sanders has been in the game up into tonight. I mean he's campaigning. These in the Senate, vice-president Biden. You can make the argument that he's sort of been out of the game for, for awhile has and Sanders has also participated in big Bates Sanders, and so he kinda knows that game as well. And I think Sanders is going to try and portray Biden as the establishment in. That's, that's not the word Biden's gonna wanna hear. But it is true, he is part of the democrat. Establishment for better or worse. And I think what you're going to hear from Joe Biden is a lot of talk, perhaps about Barack Obama reminding people reminding people what he and Barack Obama did together because that's very important of the Democratic Party. But I want to echo something David said, which is he has to show his vitality, here, he standing next to boot adjudge as you point out? There's a forty year age difference, forty years. So that could that could be a problem for him. Let's see what does with it. I don't think he has to do anything but he does talk about generational change. I want to look at some Biden's past debate performances. He is a good track record tick, listen, debating, Paul Ryan in two thousand twelve after Obama did very badly in his first debate against Rahman. You can cut tax by twenty percent and still preserve these important preferences for middle class taxpayers. Matt medically pasta. It is mathematically possible. It's been done before where proposing it has never been done before. It's been done a couple of times has never Jack lower tax rates increased growth. Ronald Reagan, Jack Kennedy. Joey. Joe and in the previous cycle when he was a contender for the two thousand eight democratic nomination against Brock Obama and Hillary Clinton. He I think he had a sort of a rejoinder at each one of those debates. He was good..

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