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Number four this week back in nineteen seventy eight Eric Clapton would lay down Sally. They only non related song. That's then that week stop by for that. Andy gift kicked off the countdown with number five of former number one love is thicker than water now since the BG's are also featured in the weeks stop movies. Let's count down the top five films some forty one years ago this week at number five Woody Allen's romantic comedy, Annie hall, starring Woody. Diane Keaton and Tony Roberts. It was the big Oscar winner that year it took home four of them, including best picture and best director, then number four, Casey shadows. Starring Walter Matthau and Alexis Smith, the number three newbie in America was the bio pic American hot wax story of pioneer. Deejay Alan freed that movie also featured cameos some rock pioneers. Why John Mary and Jerry Lee Lewis. The number doom movie was the romantic comedy, the goodbye girl. Starring Richard drivers who won the ice girls for best actor had a number one the box office, mashed whether big BG's connection Saturday Night, Fever, which Dr John Travolta, Donna Pasco and a boat load. BT's song. Now back to our musical countdown. The song that comes in at number three for that week a song that Barry and Robin wrote for the movie it didn't make the cut, but it made it to this. Australian one hit wonder hair Samantha sang with a motion. Seve? Steve..

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