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Waist. And then you do a front flip and they land on the back of the head. McKenzie is one of the best known female wrestlers in the UK. She invited me to her training gym. A tiny lockup in Tipton in the English Quite small. The ring takes up almost all the space. What attracted you to wrestling? How'd you get interested? I've always been very sporting. Nothing hadn't quite seen anything like resting involved the showmanship side because it was so different. That's what attracted me to it. As Milly's profile rose, she drew more and more attention some of its unwanted. Soon after her 17th birthday, she got into a secret relationship with her 30 year old trainer. Popular performer called Travis Banks. It was my first relationship. It wasn't very nice. It was horrible. And there is no positive to it. He out this position of power May and I was scared to leave. Because if I left, I'd have to stop train in recently you said that it destroyed the last years of your childhood. Is that still how you feel? Definitely the whole of last year. I was so sad. I hate arrested. I hated everyone. I didn't talk to anyone. I just didn't want to be there because I'd have to be around him and all his friends, in a statement sent to his Travis Banks said his relationship with Mary was entirely consensual. But he's apologized for the pain that was caused. He said. What happened shouldn't have happened and hopes that nobody will ever have to face a similar situation. The avalanche of allegations posted on social media detail various levels of abuse the vast majority committed by older man on young female wrestlers. After my 1st march I was 16 I could say sections in your old mom backstage was congratulating May and he just felt like getting a massive problem Westerns in my ear. You're awesome, amazing to not much. It's like a 16 year old child. And I was just like, Oh, this is, um pretty weird. Yeah. Lucy Lee is now 18. She loves wrestling, but not the culture that goes with it. It's pretty rough. To be honest, it feels like it comes with it to be treated like an adult. You have to put up with sexual harassment. You have to put up with being tree. It's basically like you know, on the same level Asian male counterparts now country like a sex object sometimes and it's it's Very gross. The way in which that young girl's laundry is back.

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