Mark Meadows, The House, President Trump discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 - Priebus interviewed by special counsel in Russia probe; Trump ends key Obamacare subsidies; Trump decertifies Iran Nuclear deal but doesn't end it


Ron johnson and mark meadows to fill folks who have been working very very hard on tried to put together a republican proposal along with uh with with others in the house and senate uh i think we're going to be introducing a plan next week that has common sense reforms in there things like transit that we're going to have bob prices being published higher prices were services and products beat being published those are the kinds of common sense things they're going to put forward that can lower rates and we'll see where the democrats come to the table or whether they come up with phoney reforms that are in the night leaving hatter democrats come in let him do it they were willing to negotiate underground homes anderson torm appreciate it both thank you that coming up next the president dismantling the iran nuclear deal breaking news from senator bob corker accusing the president of and his words castrating the secretary of state hey guys it's john early from search party if you miss season one of search party convince the entire season on the tbs at get the tbs app and start watching hour i'm gonna freak out the is toughest republican critics a new swing at the president's foreign policy speaking to the washington post he expressed concern that the president was inviting as he put it binary situations such as choosing between war and in north korea or or uh iran with nuclear weapons the problem senator bob corker told the post is that the president and his words has neutered his sector state you cannot publicly cast read your own secretary of state he says without giving yourself that binary choice the tweets yes you raised tension in the region is very irresponsible but as the first part he says the castration of tillerson that i most exercised about senator bob corker is new remarks came to light at the end of a day that saw president trump taking action on the iran nuclear deal.

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