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It is a Volkswagen minivan? No. We're very good at tetris. I love it. I love it and Dana. What is a hedge witch? I enjoy is. I mean, a lot of people kind of have different ideas about what it is. It really. It's usually someone who associates a lot with the natural world. So they work a lot with medicinal herbs. They work a lot with things that you can find a nature, and that kind of becomes one of the major aspects of their magical practice you sound like a good witch. Can there be bad witches? I think just like people there's good people. And I think that really it's all about the intention behind what you're doing. So. Yeah, I think there can be a bad bitches, Greg as you travel around the country with the museum. Do you find that more and more people are fascinated by all this? Well, I think that we're in a really good climate for people to be fascinated by I think we're seeing a resurgence in the last few years of people getting more in touch with the spiritual nature of things, and they're more interested in that type of thing. And I think that more than ever they're less afraid of it. We're starting to see people who are becoming less. Scared of the idea of the unexplained in the paranormal is becoming more of a normal thing. That's one of the things that we're constantly. That's one of the biggest messages of of the museum that we run is that most of the time these things that people are afraid of they're just trying to get your attention. And so I think we're in a perfect place for the paranormal right now in the paranormal work that you've done, Greg. Have you ever come across anything that? Even scared you or something you didn't want to get involved with. Quite a few times. There's things that I think you'll find with a lot of these things you don't really have much of a choice, but to get involved. Sometimes you're you're dragged into it. And that happens I at least a few times a year. You know, we've got artifacts in the museum that have caused nothing but problems for people car accidents things that are believed to be cursed things that we've quite literally earlier this year, we had to actually take an artifact back to a cave in the catskill mountains that had been stolen from a floor because it kept it kept hurting people. Wow. And do you find that spirits and ghosts attach themselves to items? I think you know, there's there's our opinion on this is a lot different than a lot of our colleagues. I think that what happens. A lotta times is there are intelligence is out there or their pieces of us that exists somewhere in some kind of a I guess for lack of a better word, a cloud and times of high motion times of stress and trauma. They can almost make an upload to that cloud. And sometimes that attach to specific places and things I mean, a a building is the biggest haunted object of all. And so I think that times of intense emotion create this kind of attachment that when the time is right or or the date or the place of the person they can tap into that. And the experience that haunting and Dana. Of course, you and Greg have put together what is called Hellier a five part documentary series about the Appalachian mountains. How did you key in on the those mountains? Well, we were originally contacted back in two thousand twelve by a man who is experiencing some strange activity on his property specifically around a mine shaft that was on his property, and after you know, years and years of kind of looking into this case and really digging into it. We started to notice that there were a lot of similar types of instances happening up and down the mammoth cave system in and around that area. Sometimes people would refer to them as Dobelin sometimes people who call them holler. Sometimes they would have completely different kind of mocal names for them. But a majority of time the the things that were happening were all the same. So we were able to kind of put together this map. I guess you would say of where exactly this chain of events was happening. Greg was there a specific case that led you to to the Appalachian mountains. Or was it just in general? Well, we're we were researching actually the name of of the documentary is the name of the town where this case took place Hellier Kentucky, they have account called Hellier Kentucky. It is a town called Hellier quite the name. It's really interesting because one of the things that we just found out is that the name Hellier actually means to obscure to cover up, which is what we think was was happening in this town. There was a guy who they knew was saying there's a guy named David who sent us photographs of three toed footprints that were coming out of a mine shaft, these these things that he saw his children they were tapping on his windows at night, and they described them as little naked children that were bald like grandpa, and they sounded quite a bit like the the Sutton farmhouse attack that happened in Hopkins hopkinsville Kentucky back in the fifties. And so everything seems so similar to that case that we started look. Looking at it the same way. And you know, this guy David was convinced that these these creatures that were assaulting his family at night or extraterrestrial, and he desperately wanted us to come and document this. He wanted us to help him a blow up the mine that was on the edge of his property. And he said he was trying to talk to the police, and they weren't taking him. Seriously. I thought the locals were hazing him. And then it just got so bad. He and his family fled their home. He went back with his brother in law to take some photographs and pick up the rest of their stuff. And that was the last we heard of him he disappeared. And that's kind of where Hellier picks up us tracking down this case as we were doing that. We were finding all of these different similar similar sightings going hundreds of years back all along the Appalachia's and people were just giving them different names. They were all seeing the same thing, we think. They just were calling them different things. So no one really put two and two together. How do you know that this is the real deal as opposed to some trickery or they're trying to pull the wool over your eyes? I think I mean, we initially were very skeptical of what was happening and even to this day. There's still a healthy level of skepticism. We were constantly trying to really keep ourselves grounded throat this investigation because it does take some pretty crazy turn. So I think that's something that no matter what is always in the back of our minds in at just as far as the investigation goes, we try to remain discuss possible. Because there is a lot of people out there potentially be putting us on when you were on the scene. Could you feel anything strange was there any kind of energy pattern out there? Absolutely. I mean that was the first thing that we noticed when we got to hel- your I've kind of described it as a feeling of having your brain sort of re-tuned to. Location. It. It was the first thing that we noticed it felt strange. They're very dreamy like you had sort of stepped into a different feeling sort of a place was really interesting. Now, you you broke it down to the five parts the documentary. Right. Yes. There are they're five different parts. The first part of the documentaries. Basically just a recap of the investigation that we had done so far. This is something that's been seven years in the making. And it's just kind of something we've been slowly chipping away at because there's there's so many mysteries to unravel. So the first part is just kinda catching up, and then everything from the second episode on is the actual investigation itself. Were you happy with the way it ended up? Well, I think that's that's a really interesting question because I think that. Any kind of paranormal media and even in paranormal investigation itself. It's it never goes where you think it's going to go very always takes you someplace else. Exactly, exactly. And that is is really what happened. You know? This thing started out as what we thought was going to be a very simple investigation. We were going to go to Hellier we were going to find David we were going to go to his property, and we were going to see what was going on there. But as we started to peel back layers of that onion, we noticed that this was a bigger phenomenon. This was stranger than just goblins. It had part of the reason the case even even got picked up again was because our friend Karl Pfeiffer who was the director. He experienced a synchronicity that were just absolutely impossible that we're leading him to to do this case. It was like the phenomenon itself was telling us you need to document this you need to show it to people and now. Now that we've done that. It's it's in the world. And we're noticing other people are starting to feel themselves being sucked into this as well. What's the link with Mothman? So the second episode is where this pops up one of the things that happened a year after we got the initial emails was we got two very strange pointed emails from a man who went by the pseudonym, Kerry, wrist. I mean, we're pretty sure that's not his real name. He sent very strange emails that said the first ones.

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