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In san francisco bay area this this these talk radio 560 ksfo san francisco oakland san jose humilate station no white house meeting considering the embassy move i'm rick johnson top congressional democrats are not going to the white house you talk about budget deal today after reading a tweet from president trump saying that probably would not be a deal we have a rough dates not of size one rather than going to the white house were show meeting that won't resulted in agreement from a president who doesn't see a deal with asked leader mcconnell and speaker ryan to meet with us this afternoon senate democratic leader chuck schumer saying uh no time to waste many presidents and candidates have talked about it and then have been talked out of it but vice president mike pence says in his tells in israeli anniversary gathering in new york president donald trump is actively considering when and how to move the american embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem for several administrations the us policy has been that jerusalem's status would be determined in talks between the israelis and the palestinians ninety two year old actress angela lands berry tells in english radio station women must sometimes take the blame for being sexually harassed and that has unleashed a wave of angry responses on twitter the newly engaged prince harry and fiancee megan markula revealing a bit about their wedding plans we have a rough dates lot of size one is gonna be in may next year and it's gonna be it's us george's chapel which is the church within the grounds of windsor castle corresponded max foster in london markel says she's giving up her acting career will be bad ties into the church of england will start the very long process to get uk citizenship and we'll read up on british history record cyber monday and then some online merchants did about six point six billion dollars in business yesterday seventeen percent more more than last year i'm richard johnson have pain.

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