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It's obviously uneven throughout the country, but by and large, it's been hugely worthwhile investment if not, just the right thing to do would I trade that for cash? No, I would not You know clean what local communities got provide clean water do I want people go by purified water everywhere now I wanna make sure that the water coming in every faucet every tap is clean. So people need casts. Yes. But people need public goods in public services as well. They are very much not substitute for each other in many cases in my judgment. You Know I. Don't I public transit. We need to build public transit I. Mean you of L. A. and I know you know you all have a bus system, a train system you know how? You can imagine I'm sure anyone who's written outed after can imagine how could be improved and could have huge benefits for everyone right and. Again you know we have families who all they can get is snap or food stamps or cal fresh out there and When you think about that how are they going to buy toilet paper? You don't power they gonNA buy a charitable. What happens if they're fridge breaks down and so we can't. Continue I think as a country. If we believe frankly and freedom I don't think we can continue to allow people to persist with no cash So I think it's really both and and it religious depends on what it is that you're providing even housing. If we had a housing policy that helped us desegregate this country based on sort of having built housing how we? Help people couldn't afford it. Get it. Didn't make sense not to just give catch. On, the other hand if you don't, we didn't worry about that and our housing policy is otherwise just to. Get People, housing. We don't care about the other outcomes then maybe it does make sense to give something closer to cash or cash. So I think we really justify through it need by any..

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