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Police now reportedly investigating R Kelly CDS to says a girl who was thirteen at the time claimed she had a relationship with Kelly beginning in two thousand one eventually he gave her herpes at seventeen. Meantime, Kelly is back in jail this time for failing to pay a large child support payments, the R and B singer was taken into custody this afternoon after failing to put together a hundred sixty one thousand dollars to pay his ex wife publicist. Darrell Johnson says Kelly tried to pay fifty to sixty thousand. But the judge wanted the full amount. He paid one hundred sixty one thousand. If you could get out. Kelly hopes to be out of jail by next Wednesday. Amazon is shutting down all its pop up shops and focusing on opening more of its bookstores as it rethinks its brick and mortar strategy the online retail giant has eighty seven pop ups. The company did not say when they were shut down. There was national guard is decided guard member and Illinois, congressman, Adam Kinsey or did nothing wrong. When he criticized governor Tony decision to withdraw troops from the southern border guard. Spokesman Joe Chavez says the guards legal team completed a review and found kissing was speaking as a congressman not an officer. And now WGN sports. Here's Kevin Powell Chris Blewitt is his name. He's the newest member of your Chicago Bears bears. Assigning the Twenty-three-year-old to a deal after he impressed them to try out today. At Hal is the second kicker. The bears are bringing in this off season. Joining Redford Jones Blewett kick for four years at Pitt. But hasn't been able to find a home in the NFL since graduating a couple years ago bears. Plan on cutting Cody parkey next week college hoops, northwestern taking on Ohio State tonight at Welsh Ryan arena. David and Joey Meyer standing by in Evanston, pre-game is at seven forty five here on WGN tip is at eight the Paul facing Georgetown at wintrust arena for their final home contests of the season at the United Center tonight. It's Jimmy Butler in the seventy Sixers taking on the bulls bowls have dropped two straight suffer making a difference. Sponsored by the village of Bedford park building for the future. Colin Delia has gotten a call up a once again from Rockford after Cam ward, suffered a knee injuries expected him his seven to ten days Delia spent two months in with the Blackhawks while Corey Crawford was out and he played well enough to even earn a three year extension. Hawks back at it tomorrow night. We'll have that game at seven and it's spring training. Baseball cubs. Topping the royals four two one Victor carotene with a solo Homer. His first of the spring and the White Sox were off today. It will take Milwaukee tomorrow afternoon. We'll have it here on WGN on the helmet. The Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats in White Sox baseball, Kevin Powell w. Ritchie in sports, your money, traffic and weather next on WGN. No an ad from save money on car insurance. By bundling home and auto with progressive and cut. That was good. So are there any other things you need me to talk about or I could do an ad for something..

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