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The limited belief systems okay there's there's we have more opportunities in this world today than we've ever had to out mankind i don't care what she'll gold i don't care what conspiracy you tapped into i don't care what you heard these are the new golden age is emerging the new golden meir's not just for california this is the first time when we can communicate without gaining on boats without travelling in using compasses and what are we going to do what these tools what are we gonna do with our freedom to speech to speak up to injustice what are we going to do with our right to vote when those sacrifice their lives just so that our voice wouldn't be left out of the process what what we do with our ideals well we tell our children that all we did was baker and argue no not on our watch and i appreciate your movement because you are a stakeholder you are stakeholder a stakeholder for humanity and what you're doing is impacting millions you are the definition of an immortal impact but when you're making an immortal impact everybody wants their michael wave type of impact they want to see that quick fix need to see how many jobs get game right now the president's only been in office for forty eight hours an already calling from the be out of office leave my president alone leave my leaders alone leave my city council men alone leave by governors the by congressman back up and tip quit worrying about what's happening in the white house as starr focusing on what's happening in your house right now we need serban leaders.

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