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Our relationship with the Roku channel, has a video on demand avenue as well for you to catch this show through clip form. Every single day on the Roku channel through that way, the rich eisen show collection is how we've called it. Very highfalutin. Brandon hunt is in our green room. We'll bring him out shortly. Can't wait to chat with him. Love Ted Lasso. It's one of my favorite shows on television and there's so many reasons why I told him in the back beautiful show. Makes you think makes you cry, makes you laugh. And makes you cheer, it just dynamite. And it's the final season of it. That's kind of a bummer. And we just saw episode three as the kids say, dropped last night. I believe. And they're all like supersized, right? They're all almost an hour long, many of them are absolutely awesome. Loving it, loving it. 8 four four two O four riches and the number to dial here on the program. Couple people may wait in a while. Let's go to Allen, Atlanta, get ready, TJ, I think something's coming your way. What's up now? Good morning, rich. Good morning, gentlemen. Happy opening day, sir. Happy opening. Happy opening day. Happy opening day. Every team is scheduled to play for the first time since 21 and hopefully they'll actually successfully play for the first time in decades. But I am calling with an offering for the entire room and even the back room. Oh. Okay. So as you remember last year, TJ and I had a season long head to head mets versus braves bet that a certain someone is still yet to pay his what? I mean, I don't have Twitter. This has been a step. The original bet was I had to wear a met's Jersey to the bravest game and you had to wear a brave Jersey for a show. Never it. Okay. All right now, let's talk about the here and now then. Okay. Let it go. Last year's last year. This year, since every team will play every team, I figured we could have an entire rich eisen show AL versus NL challenge where the head to head record of every team versus everybody else's team will be your record and whoever has the most series wins at the end and you get to be the champion. I don't know. Hold on a second out. Wait a minute, you're already confusing the hell out of me and I'm difficult sometimes to confuse. So I would be taking entire league against you are obviously you take the national league. I would take the American League. Right. So Yankees Red Sox mets in the braves. I will take the I'll take the Yankees against the brave, let's go. But you get Yankees versus braves as one series. Yankees versus mets as another series in Yankees versus red. No, this isn't us thing. You want to go Yankees against the braves and their head to head? What is it a three game set do we know where it is? Doing what it is? I do not. I'm not checking correct. Here's what we're going to do. Let's table the discussion. You'd call back and we'll hammer this thing out. But we're willing to put I'm willing to put some pinstripes on the line. Thank you. And now, don't worry, bro, I will figure something out. I haven't forgotten about it. We're going to take a braves hat or something. All right, let's move on. Let's move back to the phone lines here. Joe and Florida, you're here on the riches. What's up, Joe? Joe. Hello, gentlemen. Happy opening day. I'll be opening day. Good to see the judge hit a home run. We always love that. So mister eisen, I just got to put it out there. I am a diehard Atlanta Falcons fan. Bennett since 1998 and I live in a house divided like mister brockman said, like Sarah, I root for the good guys and my brother roots for those patriots and whatnot. Okay. I really need to just talk about this Lamar Jackson situation with you guys because I don't understand how everyone is saying that Atlanta should have gone after Lamar. I get the whole Desean Watson comparison from last year. We went all in on him or not going all in on him this year. But if we look at how Atlanta's gone with their roster this year, nobody's even given them any credit for maybe getting away of Campbell or signing Jesse base. We're getting C plus, C minus. Now, those are opinions I have to respect that. So why is it that Lamar Jackson would suddenly make a team that everybody last year said was the worst roster in football by a large margin and was on number one overall pick watch this year from last season. Yet suddenly Lamar Jackson just removes that moniker even if hypothetically it would cost us Chris lindstrom, Grady Jarrett, AJ Terrell, and all the young guys that we currently have on our raw. Yeah, I don't think Lamar is walking through that door. They've already cast their salary cap where it needs to be. I'm assuming you can figure it out to fit everyone in. It's just numbers you can move around and the Atlanta Falcons are drafting 8th overall. After having a 7 in ten season, that I would have to say a roughing the passer call kind of hosed him on. They could have been 8, 9 with a chance to win the division quite frankly. Believe me, I'm well aware on that. Well, that one was actually my birthday. Weekend. I watched that game. The falcons should have had an opportunity. I'm not saying we would have won that game against us. But we had an opportunity taken from us. And I appreciate the call, Joe. Thanks so much. And look, we've got Arthur Smith on tomorrow's program. I will do my best to get an answer that Joe would want to hear, I was trying to pick up what he was saying. He thought the falcons should have gone for Lamar Jackson here. Is that what it is? I kind of thought the opposite. The opposite of it. It was tough to follow both our cars. Well, it's obvious. Brady's gone, you want to take over the division, you want to take over people's attention span. I mean, right now, you know what would love Aaron Rodgers to go to the jets right now? But the schedule makers because if Aaron Rodgers is on the jets, they know the jets are going to be making 6 nationally televised appearances. In the fall. 6. Right now, oh yeah. They will hit the max. And it could be a 7th if they wind up allowing a flex for Thursday night games as was discussed. You kidding me? Aaron Rodgers on the jets, they will be onto the lights in a way that the Jets have not for quite some time. And if Aaron, if Rogers is acquired by the jets,

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