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Welcome back to mysterious universe update on aaron search for the toad. boy image. Like i said i all i could find was pediatric psychiatry near psychotic disorders. I'm laughing because i've noticed that after all these years and all the have rights stories that i've put you've sat the word is heard sitting with beds towed boy store. You haven't even heard the end of my argument. Okay well let you finish your argument. Well let's end this silliness. Because with the advent of the modern world with the enlightenment and the emergence of modern science. The uterus stopped moving. It was now anchored this idea of being some weed. Octopus gallivan to rock to cling onto galloping throughout the body was was put to bed and the progressive rationalism. He writes in the ever more frequent practice of anatomical dissections. Did away with the absurd notion of the womb as a self willed animal and so skip ahead to the year. Seventeen seventy one and clearly Mankind has advanced and these misogynistic odd is of some kind of animal inside of women have been left behind. Along comes dr petroleos zecchini. He lived from seventeen thirty nine to seventeen ninety three. He was a master of anatomy taught at the university of bologna and he at first anonymously published a little book with a pompous title. That can be translated as genial days dedicated to the dialectic of women reduced to it's true principle. Okay can maybe we can refine that a little bit because true principle of feminine. Dialectic is. we'll dialect means reasoning on the true principle is the uterus. So the title could really be written as the the thinking or reasoning of women reduced to. It's true principle with the womb being the principal. It's full translation. is women. think with the uterus. Right ferry controversial. The author explains that to be precise he meant that the troubles originating in the uterus had ample repercussions in the intellectual capacities of women and here resides the fundamental difference between the thinking processes of men and women. You couldn't imagine that going down. Well well not but there. I can see where possibly that's i'm not saying i agree with it. But you know there are hormonal changes that occur which is simply by the nature of being a woman due to the biological constructs will. You'll definitely agree with it off. Do you hear his metaphor of the host. So this is his explanation. His reasoning take two riders of equal deafness and skill. You put one on a tame and dose all trotter and the other on a frisky and bazaar bronco the former will advance ashore pace on flailing a unfailingly obeying the commands and raines and spurs the latter income trost. We'll jump radically shake off the weight that it bears on its back and be herbal all over the place is he saying that is the uterus. Now if the ride is obviously the terada serve the same ability. Why is it that one rider arrives punctually at his destination while the other finds himself thrown to the ground in the middle of the road. The difference resides entirely on the steed. The rata is the mind and the holes. Is the body a dirt off. I do agree with that. The man the man has the stable obeying not fast and wild but reliable mule whereas the woman has the crazy bronco. That is all over the place. It's fast and wild but very unreliable. Now obviously this is a smash hit when it came out in the eighteenth century he's six chapter is titled that the predominant organ in women is not the brain he said i only stopped to consider the moral force by which dominates the mind and i honored with the sublime title of thinking uterus. So after like thousand years they're still giving it a conscious at one of the top universities in the world. We come back to this idea. The uterus is the sentient thinking entity well around this time as well. We were still using leeches now. While he doesn't quite have this argument he claims it's an organ that lives in a state of constant irritation. And there's this nervous network that extends from the uterus to all parts of the female body. It's like the uterus. Is this crazy nerve center and the theory was the wild nervous impulses of the uterus upset the whole animal economy reducing hysterical women to spasms convulsions delirium and deadly ambushes anguish is in summary. Zucchini concludes that women possess a capacity of reasoning equal to that of men. This is his thing is i'm for the equality of the sexes. Men on better than women. I'm sure a butt-cover go women just by the uterus. It's right now. This was his argument. He obviously this is insane. He released this a massive scandal and immediately like eve before this. This is like the battle of pamphlets. I was talking about on a recent show immediately like a week later one of his colleagues at the university of bologna. This germano as greedy. Hey published an again anonymously. A refuting text like a refuting book and he wrote it in the form of women writing letters to each other basically making fun of the guy like they would write about. How ridiculous theory is the one word respond. It had a limited effect. It wasn't really the the massive debunking that that people were expecting. And i'm sure every woman that had read his book was hoping there would be a big debunking someone to stand up for them right. Well this third book suddenly hit the scene in seventeen seventy two and it's autho was a rather fascinating and misunderstood adventure. Some say he was a proto feminist. He was a former church. Cleric some say swindler a prison escapee a seducer a translator an amateur mathematician a legendary memorial est and the unquestionably talented writer. Giacomo casanova casanova. I was gonna to say the italian coomer the famous womanizer and he actually visited the during his second forced exile where he escaped from venetian prison and he read all these books on the thinking uterus and he felt prompted to participate in the debate because he probably will suck an expert on women for the time he had slept with so many women that was his reputation he probably knew women better than a lot of men especially like stuffy italian scientists shore arriving. I'm wondering if his motivation though is less than a pious he's thinking of how much pussies puts out his book adolescence. Well why he mentioned poss- authors who tried to explain the different style of reasoning of women and one was acid daleas who was from sixteenth century. He was this physician who published a book in fifteen ninety five. The proposed women were not reasoning animals. Now this was put out later with a book became quite popular released reprinted. Many times it came out in seventeen sixty six with new title which was the paradox of women wherein it is attempted to demonstrate that.

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