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Leaders to connect download the APP and figured out that led to some people tweeting out picks of the tally sheets that included the pin number and then campaigns like compete. Buddha just started doing this proof of their success pranksters or bad actors. Were then able to download the APP upload data for any precinct WHO's sheet they saw overriding previous data. Someone probably claimed that develop. Patrick got one hundred delegates in a large inside just for fun. The discrepancy instantly became obvious to Iowa State Democratic Party officials. The APP almost certainly lacked adequate logging or access control so all the officials saw were brazenly fake data and they had no idea why they also didn't have a plan plan B. so they started getting calls from precincts but once again. They liked verification tools. In anyone with a pin could claim they have the data. Maybe someone tried to call it a report alter numbers or maybe AP state officials were just nervous. Nobody was empowered to make a decision so they punted and are probably physically collecting verify today. Campaigns probably have a rough idea of the the numbers. But who knows that I suspect is The is more accurate to what's happening than anything and it was a complete meltdown. And there's a larger issue here that we should explore and and that is that the the failure of institutions. I Amy Walter who is a A with coke reports. She's with ABC for Awhile. She's a great political reporter is is noting that the bizarreness of all of this comes because the Democratic Party after two thousand sixteen decided they needed to placate Bernie Sanders in his supporters. Orders Though Bernie Sanders is not even a Democrat. They have allowed to compete on the ballot as a Democrat a man who is not a democrat. They have changed the rules calls to accommodate him. They built software to accommodate him and he has hijacked the Democratic Party for campaign. That has nothing to do with the Democrats. It is a complete failure of the institution to to serve the Democratic Party in much the same way. Donald Trump in two thousand sixteen. If if we're honest he was able to hijack the Republican Party if you serve it and I realized there are a lot of people who've engaged in revisionist history here but if you actually were to survey the Republican Republican Party in Twenty Sixteen in Iowa New Hampshire and South Carolina what you would have seen in the original trend lines of the Republican Party in those those three states. Is that the people who are coming in initially to support Donald Trump were people who were new to the process in not Republicans. The Republican Lookin' Party if you will was able to be taken over by trump supporters who were not necessarily Republicans and in fact as we see in in two thousand eighteen for example in Georgia where you did not have have a massive wave of Republicans turning out Brian Kemp or any other candidate These voters turn out for Donald Trump. Just like they turned out for Barack Obama in two thousand twelve but they didn't turn out for Democrats in two thousand ten two thousand fourteen they turn out for Donald Trump between sixty they'll turn out for Donald Trump and twenty twenty but they've got to ideological allegiance per se to the party. Now that's good to some degree except we're making culture personality at political parties. Now I mean. What is the Republican Party? Stand for other than a party that is designed to prop up Donald Trump. I mean does anyone have any idea. What the Republican Party stands for you? Say the Republican Party stands for smaller government except the Republican Party is voting for trillion dollar deficits. which is only going to grow the government? The Republican Party is for cutting taxes except again Trillion dollar deficits eventually taxes are going to have to increase. Usually the party is is for deregulation. And and maybe so but that is that about the only thing it says for his deregulation corporate interests will what about everyone else. The president is much more populist then he is a for corporate interests or or a conservative. You oftentimes here. The president's supporters say what does conservatism conserved. We have a failure. Oh you're of institutions. There's a failure of Congress. There's a failure of the political parties. There is to some degree. A failure of the presidency. Lisa Murkowski has announced. She is not going to vote for impeachment. Even though she's upset with the president and enlarge part she's not gonNa vote for impeachment Because of of Elizabeth Warren's question to undermine John Roberts Lisa Murkowski opposed witnesses. She wanted to call witnesses and she voted against them. She says in large part because she could see Elizabeth Warren and others trying to undermine the judiciary by making it all about John Robertson forcing John Roberts to break a tie when he had no business breaking it. I in fact John Roberts came out in the last week and said he had no business breaking ties. It will not break a tie. So Lisa Murkowski to protect the judiciary is actually fallen all in on her Sword Blaming Elizabeth Warren. which by the way that that reminds me? Elizabeth Warren not strategic genius. She screwed up with her with her DNA test and she overplayed her hand with John Roberts she could have very well gotten what she wanted which was a tie. Vote on witnesses except she asked that question of John. Roberts put John Roberts on the spot he clearly did not like to be put on the spot that basically what the Republicans were doing wasn't calling into question the chief justice is fairness integrity and even Adam Shivers. Like absolutely really not. This is ridiculous question but it allowed Murkowski the excuse to say I'm not going to go down this road. Because she's tried to preserve it institution Asian our institutions continued to fail us in part. They're failing because they are grasping for technocratic solutions to replace incompetence with competence. They're not actually Jelena's competent solutions. People are losing their faith in institutions. But I gotTa tell you what our are institutions what our institutions institutions are. The people assembled ultimately lead the institutions are us and so the to the extent that institutions are failing us. It's we are failing ourselves now. I realize you're supposed to these things so I trust the people people are stupid. I mean have you been to a Walmart on a Friday afternoon. People are stupid and no offense by the way to people who go to Walmart Art. I go to Walmart as well. But good Lord people are stupid and stupid people do stupid things and increasingly. We've got a tune society staring at our phones. No one's paying attention. And we're outsourcing our problems to institutions to save us and who are those institutions their us their people just like has described distracted overburdened share over sharing on social media staring at their phones. They're incompetent because we're incompetent so to the extent that our institutions are failing. We are failing ourselves and we now have less and less trusted our institutions. That is one reason I think the killer argument of the twenty first century. It's gotta it'd be federalism. I mentioned it earlier in the show in the last hour. Jeremiah twenty seven the welfare of the city in which you're next on their you'll find your welfare. All of us are outsourcing our problems to Washington. DC We have avoided local solutions for local problems. We think Washington is going to solve everything for a society. Eighty three hundred fifty million people. It is impossible for Washington. Dissolve everything and what we have with our great cultural fights of the day or the left in the right fighting over ideas of cultural homogeneity. When in fact we are a heterogeneous station of mixed people? Diverse people diverse groups diverse tribes diverse clans diverse societies diverse cultures across a massive nation and the idea that Washington DC can cater government to fix. The problems of the three hundred fifty million. People is preposterous. That by the way is why it's ridiculous that they were GonNa have some sort of British health care system in the United States the British health care system of a of a mostly white nation nation. Not even half. The size of ours cannot match us in our diversity and our ethnic backgrounds in racial backgrounds. And everything else. I mean for God's Sakes Texas has about as many people as Canada's do think that we can prescribe solutions in Washington but we can't because has the institutions are failing and the reason the institutions are failing is the people themselves are failing and we got this spectacle last night in Iowa because the people who were supposed to actually fix the problem and improve the situation themselves failed. No one wants to exercise leadership anymore and frankly we've made it more and more impossible. Oh to exercise leadership and part of the problem there honestly if we're really transparency everybody's got to be so open now. There are some things you just shouldn't see. Parties parties. Do not need to have everything they do out in the open and exposed where people can nitpick. It's just it's it's kind of sad to see but it's also refunding to see when you see the collapse of the Democratic Party and I will last night but what happened with the Iowa. Democratic Party last night is not a problem of just the Democrats. It's a problem of institutions across the Board Award. ooh I hadn't thought about this. Liam Donovan on twitter. Jose an outside consultant has worked within Republican politics. He just tweeted this out a piece I would read how the caucus debacle and the broader decline of Iowa. Swing state status jeopardized the primacy of king corn. You know that that's one of the big issues here Ted Cruz in two thousand sixty one the Iowa caucus and he did so despite campaigning against ethanol and had the entire state political establishment lined up against him. In fact some of them coming up for Donald Trump because of ethanol ethanol all is a garbage fuel That is a complete sop farmers. Ethanol wears out your engines It's just it's terrible Wherever you can find ethanol all free gas you should use it and yet it is at this point a sop to farmers Donald Trump now out on the campaign trail wanting to increase the use of ethanol is solely only to get Iowa's vote Iowa? I wouldn't Nebraska huge corn country will one of the reasons that ethanol has become so prominent in intrinsic in addition to Chuck Grassley being an institution of the Senate. I was senior. Senator is because of the Iowa caucuses you go to Iowa. Everyone pledges to make ethanol great again. That's why they came out. After Ted Cruz so aggressively in two thousand sixteen is because he was pledging to end ethanol and it. It's as has the Iowa caucuses fade. There is less need to to do it and you know here. Here's the thing. If I'm really honest about it I I suspect that in four years. We'll be doing this all over again. I suspect that in four years will be complaining about Iowa's first in the nation status again you know I Iowa's it's actually one of my favorite places in the country. There is a place in Iowa. Oh what is it called vintage. I think it is It eighties you'd go in this place. And they have the greatest. Friday Iowa is known for its fried pork sandwiches. Essentially the they take a pork tenderloin pounded paper-thin breaded credited. FRY IT and you get a tiny little bun is like an eight by eleven sheet of paper sticking out it's fantastic it's crispy pork sandwich and there's this place place in Iowa you go in. It's in downtown Des Moines a belief. The name of vintage. I go there every time I with the Caucasus and you can get you can get bitten every beer in the place to be a beer that was produced in the nineteen seventies. There mostly is like Miller High Life Miller lite and paps and the like and then you get these fried pork sandwiches and Tater tots and it's fantastic. It is fan. I eat there once or twice every time I go to go to moines for the for the caucus and fantastic th the pig farm and the corn formative. It's fantastic but I was deeply unrepresentative of anything in America. At this point it is it is an all white bastion That is slowly demographically. Changing there are greater diversity in states. Now this is part of Joe. Biden's problem is is. He's moving from Iowa to New Hampshire. I was the First Caucus New Hampshire the first primary and it like Iowa is a bunch of lily white liberals you gotTa then pivot to Nevada which is a caucus and South Carolina both of which have shown promise for Joe Biden as more minority voters. Begin to participate. You've got to win minority voters to win the Democratic Party and by doing potentially has an inroad there but can he sustain stain. It Biden the headline today. Should be that Joe Biden is wiped out and the collapse of that APP and the problem with the and the problem with the headlines over how the Iowa Caucus turnout will delay any any coverage of Joe Biden's collapse and that works disadvantage. That's one reason this Andrews people are so mad. They're mad at Buddha judge people and they're mad at the Biden people because they really expected to be able to take out Joe Biden. Remember the significance of Iowa. Never really is who wins. It's always who loses in Biden. Is the huge loser out of Iowa Biden expected. Frankly lose even though there were saying he was GonNa win the privately..

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