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So much so much annoyingly so much going into the season was bounced back. That was the word we used over and over and over. When you look at the guys that we talked about, Ah, lot of those guys. They're having those bounce back seasons. Avisail Garcia is absolutely having to pounce back season. There you go, Greg hitting the ding, your lighthouse manager Insights and a preview of tonight's Game right now, This is Brewer's warm up. Here's Matt Polly. A good Sunday morning to you, we begin your Brewers Broadcast day is the Brewers and the Reds, wrapping up a three game Syriza this afternoon, a great American ballpark in Cincinnati, Freddie Peralta getting the start for the crew. The right hander Foreign 12.40 E R. A Luis Castillo, who has been one of the better pitchers in the division. The last few years doesn't have those numbers this year. He gets to start this afternoon for Cincinnati. He is just one in six with a 7.44 Yara. He has been disappointing so far this season. He has a much better picture much much, much better picture than the numbers would indicate. Have you told about 11 30? That's when we will hand things off to the Brewers Radio network as Jeff flavoring and the birthday boy laying Grendel will be taking this throughout the course of the afternoon with Brewer's baseball. If you want to join us before, then you could do so by calling or texting into the AC unit mortgage talking text line. 85561616 20 That's 85561616 20. You can also tweet into the program at Matt Polly on air M A T T p A u l E Y on Air brewers get the win yesterday. I thought it was an important win. If for no other reason. Anytime you're in a funk anytime the winds are just not coming as often as you would like them to come. Every win is a big win. And I mentioned this yesterday we're doing brewers externals. Jerry Augustine Way broke down the game. We explained what went right. What didn't go, right? Yeah. Yeah, I got it. But Yesterday was one of those games where it was just find a way to win. And that's what the Brewers did yesterday. They found a way to win, and now they're in a kind of position today where if they can win today, they can take the Syriza and now one win or to win certainly does not make a season and we're still waiting to see if this team is going to really get out of it. See if the offense is going to truly get going. They've scored four runs and back to back to back games. Four runs is not the end all and be all of an offensive ball club, but four runs is better. Then what they've been doing before with their pitching. They're gonna win a fair amount of games when they score four runs. So you you take that for what it is. It's improvement. It's the trend of the trajectory line is starting to move in a little bit better direction, and now we just need to see how this whole thing plays that I was thinking about this because good baseball teams What they're able to do is they They don't go. They're able to avoid the long losing streaks and I, the Brewers haven't done that. You look at what the brewers have done in the month of May ever since they were 17 and 10 on the first day in the month and what they've done since then, losing what is it the 13 of 18 now? Clearly, that's an extended period of time. Two weeks doesn't make or break a season, but two weeks it's It's not just this tiny sample size of a season, a two week period of time playing not well for two weeks. It's something it's not something to lose yourself over. But it's something to be aware of. There's a there's a big difference in having a bad weekend and having a bad two weeks so I was saying about this, that the good baseball teams out there They're able to avoid those type of periods. Every team in baseball is going to go through a period where they're not playing good baseball. But how long does that period go? And the teams that avoid the extended streaks of not great baseball? Those of teams that end up going to the postseason. I have a high level of success. So the Brewers had that game against the Braves that they put up the 10 runs. And at that point, you thought, Okay, maybe this is the moment where they get out of it. But then they follow that up with two losses in Kansas City when they had their two big guys on the mound with Brandon would drift and carbon burns again. The offense really, really struggled. In that Kansas City Syriza. So it times when that happens, it almost It almost d validated if that's a word, or that's the right way to say it. What happened in that game against Atlanta? Because you're you're sitting there and you're hoping that things could really turn around now. They get the win yesterday. A really solid win. A lot of guys were able to contribute to yesterday. So you get into today And now if they can win this game today office and they win a series. They want a divisional series. I think the most important thing you could do is baseball team is when your divisional Syriza if you have a good record in divisional, Syriza's, which the Brewers mostly do. They have a serious loss against Pittsburgh. They have a serious loss again. ST Louis, But they've got three series wins against the Chicago and they have a series win against state law. So what is that? They're four and two in terms of Syriza's against divisional opponents of him doing the math correctly in my head on the run. I think that's right. It's in that neighborhood. Um so you win. Today you win the Syriza's Did you see where that takes you Now They're going to play San Diego in Washington this upcoming week and San Diego's that really tough team..

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