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In san francisco and belt but those guys are all shelled. Did you know one day. They're all going to be back then. That's going to be sooner rather than later. And i'm wondering how that factors into the mindset of our hans eighty and and company and and on the on the flip side in in. Oakland i mean betty is is ma- maybe just getting chapman right is is a great acquisition at the deadline. But susan. how about that. yeah. I mean you're talking about four big bats in the lineup. I mean you know. Crawford has been the mvp. He could be back as soon as thursday so By the time you're listening to this could be close to or even maybe even back in the lineup Longoria was one of their biggest bats. The first six seven weeks to the season he will be back august fifth Analysts still on a rehab assignment and honestly he could be back sometime this week. You start looking at things like that. You know belt. Maybe the next week week after that you're going to have to make a lot of roster moves just to get these guys back onto the roster in no List fellas on the sixty day. I l you're gonna have to make a move there longoria on the sixty day i'll so bringing in another bat that starts to get your starting to talk about a lot of roster spots on the forty man and back gets a little complicated plus your riffing floor buried. Good bats in so. I don't necessarily go with the idea that they need to to add that. Of course if there's a deal that works for them you know something they absolutely love. They jump on it. Sure why. not but That's a little bit like the relief situation very well. You're kind of talk. Me around on. Kimbrel john i got to say but You know they are willing to take on payroll. I think more so than giving up top prospect in the obvious main target for anybody if if if he's available is max scherzer hundred percent like who wouldn't especially team with playoff aspirations. The guy has experienced snails But he's going to cost a lot in terms of prospects. Maybe you get another you know. Kind of mid line starter. I mentioned danny duffy. In whose price tag has gone down. Because he's on the i l. You know somebody like that or somebody where you're mostly picking up payroll and not giving up prospects Like kimbrel so Yeah they have a number of different ways to go. But i just don't see a bat for for exactly the reasons you mentioned. They've got all these guys coming back with the as makeup And the fact that maybe the third basement isn't having a career year. Could there be things done in house. That would kinda elevate them beyond the trade deadline for instance chapman hitting like he normally hits and A lot of people not elvis andrus. But i think he's been playing offensive than defensive sides of the ball. Much better lately right. Yeah i mean a lot of the what. Susan just described about the giants. It's complete opposite as his right now as they stand. They're pretty healthy. They only have three guys on the aisle and one of strategy rosenbaum. Who's out for the rest of the year. That was. I think that was one thing that they were holding out. Hope that they might be able to get him back. Is like a second half boost in the In the bullpen. And obviously the hip surgery. So he's not gonna piss this year But other than that it's Mike myers on the injured list..

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