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In ESPN app. The Saudi Arabia as part of his promise severe punishment. If there's evidence that the nation kill the Washington Post columnist. He did not specify what punishments. He would take Saudi Arabia has denied being involved. But Turkish officials say they have recordings that proved to mall kashogi was killed by a Saudi team inside a consulate in Turkey, North Carolina. Pastor Andrew Branston is praying that God grants President Trump supernatural wisdom. The man who was detained in Turkey for the past two years was set free on Friday and welcomed home by the president on Saturday morning Brunson was accused of spying terrorists. The Trump administration has been applying diplomatic pressure to get Princeton released and despite not having electricity. Sonny's barbecue? Restaurant in Panama City, Florida is open for business. Feeding grateful residents who are struggling to find food in the wake of hurricane of Michael. The unofficial death toll is at seventeen Ryan piers NBC News Radio. Fans of the late Amy wine house, we'll soon get to see the late singer as a hologram a three dimensional image of wine house will be heading out on tour next year each show will feature remastered versions of some of her biggest hits that will play along with a live band and singers White House died from accidental alcohol poisoning in two thousand eleven. She was twenty seven a tendency man is recovering from accidents being stabbed by his friend at a haunted house, Tom Roberts explained. A woman was waiting to enter the Nashville nightmare haunted house, one one of the costume characters asked for friend was bothering her when she jokingly said, yes, the character handed her the knife and said, well, here's stab him thinking the knife was fake. She stabbed him in the arm. The woman said she believed that I was a prop and didn't mean to actually stab him and police reports show bystanders also were under the impression. The knife was fake haunted. House employee is on leave while police investigate Tom Roberts NBC News Radio..

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