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With the port and they've created the designer drug that is no downside and then just the perfect mix of euphoria and optimism. I have one of those in the. I need drama. I can report was had a little sooner museum. But it's all fine. We're fine and we went down into sort of a mini covid lockdown here in oakland again for a while so that makes with the soon nami. It's kind of an action packed week to be honest. Yeah you've it. Sounds also like kind of an anticlimactic action packed. We so the nami when it did come to shore what we what was the rise in sea level. Some little ways at the shore wasn't no big deal. That was always a panicked leading up to it. That's the problem i think. Because we're in lockdown as well. There was some worry about social distancing versus fleeing your homes in case you get flooded so it was like to disasters at once. That happened here. in america. there is some section that currently would would rather die in their house from a nami out of fear of getting cova. Yeah i think. I think you're probably right. I think you're probably right. It's funny i am thinking about. Jfk and getting that introduction together. I realized this is a topic where i feel like i'm just being swept away and just so many theories and facts so this could be a ten hour episode. Oh Because i did a jfk tour in dallas years ago for doc tourists and mitt the sky robin who gives these amazing to is of the assassination or murder as he calls it from his point of view. O of the route that jfk went on and he's got an olympian convertible and it's beautiful and is to as along because he's a. He's a researcher. He's the historian he's a conspiracy theorist he wears a lot of hats what he's been researching jfk for a really long time. And i thought it would be quite good just to him about his take on things. Because he's like the conspiracy theorist and so. I thought i could talk to him. Did he remember you and you got a hold of them like hey. I shot a tv show. You're on it was memorable for him was because he was quite nervous to do it. He's very ticks. In in vary reserved. He runs a funeral home on the side. So that says main occupation is running a funeral home and then he does these. Jfk to is like as an extra job on the side while he's into the macab year he is but it's funny because when you were filming the show with them he was really nervous about what we'd put in and he was one of the few people that wanted sort of approval and like to see what we're going to put in and now you go to his website and it's all his website so i take it he liked being there. Well funny enough. I was just listening to i. Think radio lab did a history of candid camera and one of the funny interviews in. It is a woman who has written into complain. About how distasteful the show is and then they. They wanna ask her about why. It's so distasteful and she lists all the reasons and then he says well. Would you be willing to have this opinion put on live. Tv across america and she said yes. Yes i do -ality of everyone's innate desire to be famous yet it was just really really funny and ironic. Yeah well i mean part of the joy of i think filming an america is everyone kind of does wanna be famous and it's the opposite to new zealand. Everyone's so shy and no one wants to be on camera. Was i feel every american is born just with the night need to be on screen which is great when you're making something a thousand percent. I don't think i have a single friend that hasn't envision themselves on tv but what is the distinction in his mind between a murdering incessant. Any famous person that's killed is an assassination yet. I think he thinks assassination is linked with the idea of light one lone shooter going out and assassinating someone whereas he sees it as a really cynical merida of his favorite president and he's just so passionate about that and when i went in to meet him a couple years ago. I was really skeptical of him. Because you know. I've watched jfk. I know the theories. But i was skeptical of light meeting at jfk researcher. But you know. The first thing. I talked terminate. We should listen to that. Now is just how he got so obsessed with jfk because there is an obsession that he literally gives six hour to is in this car. So this is how robin got into jfk. If i give you my perspective of november twenty second sixty three. It's through the eyes of a nine year old in the fourth grade. Bad experience i was having it was very primitive experienced. My plants came back from lunch. Our teacher was called out of the room when she came back. And she was sobbing. She had been given the news and soon everybody was sent home now. That was the experience for every kid in america and then my experience over the next few days was just noticing that every adult in my world was sitting around black and white. Television picture has just been transmitted by wire. It a picture taken just a moment or two before the end so as far as november twenty seconds sixty three. That's the extent of my memories. When i got personally involved in investigating and solving murder was in the fall of nineteen seventy three ten years later and a movie was released that fall on the tenth anniversary and this movie was.

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