News in Brief 5 April 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations clashes between the Myanmar military and armed separatists. That reportedly involved a deadly helicopter bombing raid on civilians in Rakhine state earlier this week have been condemned by the UN human rights office away, Chr the conflict between the military who are known as the top Madore and the Arikan army dates back around a decade in the latest violence. Sources say that two military helicopters flew over a village in booty Dong township in Rakhine state firing on Mahinda Muslims who attending cows and their paddy fields speaking Geneva, OH Chr spokesperson, Ravina, Shanta, sunny said that the attacks may constitute war crimes these particular killings. Are we have been able to verify with some certainty? This is why we putting it out there that there was a helicopter attack that bombs were dropped. And that these seven civilians were killed the mainly-buddhist Erica army was formed almost a decade ago in response to economic and social injustice grievances. These distinct from these systematic discrimination and violence suffered by Ranga Muslims that forced hundreds of thousands to flee to neighboring Bangladesh in the summer of two thousand seventeen Tunisia where there's been a spike of violence and displacement against civilians. That's been largely attributed to armed extremists, including Boko haram. The UN's humanitarian coordinating on orcher won't on Friday that more than eighty people were killed last month alone in the differentiation of southeast Asia that borders, Nigeria, and Chad that compares to a total of one hundred seven killed in the whole of two thousand eighteen and eight teams are concerned that aunt groups on our targeting the most vulnerable people in the region, including already internally displaced, people known as ID pays and refugees. His spokesperson Jens locker one may understand. Why armed groups of various sorts fight each other. But why they seem to increasing the attack civilians to the point where we now have eight civil. In one month alone. That is unclear we try to respond to the needs of those who survive on our displaced who are hosted in many instances by host communities who are already hosting more than one hundred thousand ide- piece to help people fleeing the violence or partners have distributed food and water for thousands of people as well as shelter kits nonfood items and psychosocial support and finally to the Democratic Republic of the Congo or DRC. Whether it's been a marked increase in the number of Ebola cases in the past week, according to the World Health Organization WHO the outbreak in the troubled far northeast of the country has recorded more than one hundred seventy new infections the increase in cases, highlights the difficult environment health responders have to work in every day WHO says in reference to pockets of community mistrust and the threat of violence from more than one hundred armed groups in the region in total. There have been eleven hundred confirmed and probable cases of. Ebola since the outbreak started last August of which six hundred ninety people died women account for nearly six in ten patients while children make up almost three and ten WHO says while the number of healthcare workers who have contracted the virus has also risen to eighty one including twenty seven deaths. Daniel Johnson U N news.

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