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Sports flash. All right, guys. The two top ten clashes both early fourth quarter nine minutes to go. In south bend, eighth ranked Notre Dame leading number seven Stanford twenty four to seventeen and just moments into the fourth quarter in Happy Valley. It's fourth-ranked Ohio State out in front of number nine Penn. State fourteen thirteen also early fourth Kentucky lead, South Carolina. Twenty four ten in the third or number eleven Washington on top of number twenty BYU twenty eight to nothing in the second quarter. LSU was opened up a twenty eight to three lead on ole miss. Elsewhere Florida dropped twenty third ranked Mississippi State thirteen six junior Teknaf number twenty two Duke thirty one fourteen Michigan overcame a seventeen nothing deficit to beat northwestern. Twenty two seventeen Auburn got by southern miss twenty four thirteen Florida's twenty twenty-third ranked Mississippi State to its second straight loss. Thirteen six hundred told you about that one Texas over Kansas state, nineteen fourteen Georgia pulled away from Tennessee. Thirty eight twelve central Florida breeze past pit forty five. Fourteen McKenzie Milton threw for four. Four touchdowns and ran for two more, Tom right ala? Bama hammered Louisiana Lafayette, fifty six to fourteen despite the blow out though Sabin far from satisfied disappointed on that. We didn't play better with the second defense when they went in there for more than a quarter of the game have too many guys on that group that really have to learn how to compete all they have to learn how to prepare third ranked Clemson overcame a ten point four th quarter deficit to beat Syracuse twenty seven Twenty-three with new starter. Trevor Lawrence on the sidelines with a possible concussion fellow freshman chase bracelet a thirteen play ninety four yard scoring drive. Capped off with the game winning touchdown came with forty one seconds left junior drop number twenty five Texas Tech forty to thirty four Kyle Murray threw for four thirty two and six touchdowns. Oklahoma blew past Bandler sixty six thirty three in Michigan state little trouble with central Michigan. Thirty one twenty quick look at baseball top nine in Milwaukee Brewers with a six five lead on the Tigers. The cardinals slip past the cubs. Two to one. The dodgers though, clinching a playoff berth and eliminating Saint Louis with a ten six win over the giants. And with Milwaukee would that six five lead on the Tigers. They just a half game behind the cubs in the central Rockies. Meanwhile, trailing six to top seven I'm John fan..

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Florida, Tigers, Mississippi discussed on Sports Radio Programming

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