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The the activities uptown WWL Chris Miller hit the streets to catch the floats and talk with some of the local chefs about the delicious food they were cooking up this is Chris Miller on Napoleon Avenue with the rex parade and Rosa Hernandez who is a grilling up a lot of good looking people here what you got here grill meat and chicken and we're going to push up that sounds great what kind of season he got going like lemon season it and meet tendered to make on the meat home that's all that's about it it smells fantastic I wish there were some way to do smell over the radio because this is great stuff so how big a party having here today how many people are with you we got a ball twenty five about twenty five pretty good size crowd you have to get here early yeah we came at six thirty in the morning all right thank you very much Rosa this smells fantastic all right folks we are here on the Polian Avenue with the rex parade on fat Tuesday Chris Miller W. W. L. first news meanwhile memories Mardi Gras parades are drawing locals from far and wide and close in is W. W. L. Dave Cohen reports in swimming the memorial Boulevard here in Jefferson parish always come out I come home from work I live when you come back every year to every what do you like about the bridge here after marching bands at all yeah W. W. L. news meanwhile taking place in the world that doesn't get Mardi Gras CBS news update I have to look at some of the debates and and make my final decision on hold on hold for South Carolina voters will see seven.

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