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Now this is a very interesting story because paint will chip to weigh in, and it was mock pulled around the edges. definite damage damaged because that's why some housed in the nose cone of the seven thirty seven. but it wasn't a bad strike as they. I thought because there was no blood, there was no feathers. Knowing trails nothing. With boots striking only get these one of those three things. I was speaking to a guy that used to work on aircraft, and he support a few strikes, and he confirmed with May that this was definitely not a strike, and they changed their stories quite interesting because they i. it was a good story. And then they changed it a few hours later to say that it was Hale. Will that the plane hit always. But I found out doing a little bit of research that the weather was very good. In fact, it wasn't really any weathe-. So. How can you Account for the hail or is if there was weather so now that then all saying that is. Not Racing was either. They've changed the stories. I think for thirty time and. They don't know what it was. When you know unconsidered. I. Think is pretty obvious. This a three one nine Airbus hits fear. At around about twenty five thirty thousand feet. And these fares they're telling. Sadness, ever since twenty seven. Yeah ever since twenty eleven. I've been saying this. and. What is phase? You are asking well. They are a metal bowl. They do very different in soy Jr, but mainly about the smile as size of the small nineteen sixties, mini, but insperity cool for. So. You can imagine the damage that these things 'cause. They're up that twenty, four, seven, three, sixty five. Now I said. It's different sizes. We have seen smaller than. We have seen much the size of a small mini. But UNIM-, by the way I think they're also responsible for crop circles that we get in UK in other parts of the world. But I. Don't think there's anyone incited Martinez controlled by a higher power which is probiotic space. Maybe even one of these a deep space stations that Jomo ceased to his tennis cut. The definitely, these things odds Based! On I'll tell you for why. Because she identifies many assuming like any astronomer, a whole scientist decision would would would do. I mean 'cause. I can't say one hundred percent, but I'm ninety percent said these things are of world. I'll tell you the reason why the reason I think. This is because there's no way that we. Would put off planes the people on them in danger by flying these things so close. In class I don't mean like a mile to turn the plane. I'm talking not even feet from the plane. I am talking inches from the plane of had many people that have been in a window seat unethical that video these things for me, and then some to me when he landed coming back from Italy back from Franz, coming back from America getting Italy ganged. Franz going to.

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