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Kate impressed by you today because we were on dora. I said to you kate. Do you have your visa for working on door. Your work fees already. I knew that. Not flicker total said. You said nice. Try shutting down like a dog. I was very impressed with that. Anyway you don't either a work visa but we have the left fronts and it does feel different doesn't it. This is one reason why not here anymore. He doesn't like andorra. Francois your fan i guess you get used to dislike. It's not like monaco. Like cheap monaco in the middle of the mountains. You know because at least well. I'm in the architecture at i. don't want to overlap. the you know get are. Architecturally is pretty similar. And you've got the same luxury shops and boutiques but but only monaco newcomer for anything. Whereas in dora while you. Can you know judy free. So people actually come here to buy cheap stuff. You know. so what. We heard from jewelry and last night's episode of higher. He loves under. Obviously lots of writers. Levine dora thirty. Eight of them of the is starting. This of franz live and under. I'm sure they live here because they love it. They love it. Charms it's month. I've his allies. There's nothing to do with the tax situation airtel house. He were driving in turn dora. We actually drove past joe. Laverick 'em he was. I recognize recognizes team kit and he was standing outside a an apartment block which she said was home to ten world to a pros and coming down the mountain into the capital here. We can't passing professional writers who are training or going to see. The children fronts one of the other things that i think scores against door me on for line list every time. We're here as you can probably hear. The traffic is horrendous in the capital city here. But that's partly because france francis here if we were here cited. The tour de france obviously wouldn't be as busy as but you've always got sense of it being very clogged up anyway. Unexciting stage today. Let's hear oh a by cates. Not doing it i will. We started in france and siri and we came out to on dora. Laviola with we can share responsibility on this. Do you want to chip in stage. Fifteen hundred and ninety one point five kilometers a really really difficult sage. Lots and lots of claiming and the first attacker of the day. Was thomas again. Who else what form that. She was not so much a breakaway. It was more a split in the penalty. Wassenaar said at the finish. He had no actually intended to go in the break and found him south there by accident. We did wonder about the team tactics because they've of course only got five writers than the race. Is this gonna be your about. Boby is obviously like i know the the surgeon is. Yeah the ins and outs but it was interesting. Yes because they left yoenis bingoed. Who is the guy in the part of the peleton with only mike tennyson which was kind of perplexing to me. Because i don't quite think they're the same size so that if something happened to says bike who's going to anyways it was. It seemed like kind of an iffy. Move but actually. I think things kind of coalesced as the time went on when they had all of course like not spoil. What happened at the end but Successful day for them suspension and at the same time came back to help eunice in the end dot k. Obviously were they disorganized or was this actually just part of the plan or did they have a road. Captain that was. This is actually quite an interesting question is you can reverse engineer true. We can sit back at the end of the day and reflect on An absolute masterclass from visible because they fought on three different fronts. And really you can. Argue came up trumps on all three fronts. Three writers in the breakaway. Which as you say. Kate was perplexing with you on his finger. Goal in the fight for the podium left. I mean with my tennis but you could say isolated behind not with a climbing dumbest though Or click with the move at stephen cries and set koos from team. Any aus- grenadiers. Were jonathan castro vehicle and dylan van. Barra don martin. Mike woods. were there from israel. Starts up nation vincent vincenzo. Nearly jillian bernard kenny. Out of soul from trek. Second afraid harder. An amusing from a belgian colleague of ours who had phoned edward tunes the other night and he was asked who he was sharing with he said lewis squall the shark to its nearly apparently shouted across the room. I feel more like a goldfish in this third of france. So they were well represented in that front group fleet. Was there as well. No right that we find for one hundred verde them through palm digi who've not done an awful lot in this sort of france and maybe because a few of them i think thinking offering from stomach problems including w. do and bruno mirai and i saw him in real pain at the end looking for have pcr tests and he was doubled over with punching stomach and luton pain. He did an awful lot of work. I mean there was a moment in the race where groupama. Fd he really took responsibility with mirai and madonna. Alan valentine mike wass who were obviously working to help wwco do try and win the stage and there were other writers there including catanha obviously in the fight for the kingdom owns jersey as polls. Who is there to michael matthews research to try and get points in the green jersey competition so that was a big old group at the front behind that forgot. You forgot barring victorious everybody because it was instrumental in the fight for the king of the mountains. Sorry kate sorry you're right. My motto more rich was there. I think that's why he wants to make. That's because no it's because what polls was there. And he sprinted for king in the mount. he's now in the king of the mountains jersey because he sprinted and pulls was there didn't they. Yeah but he was there with lots of other people dylan tunes yes he had helped so front burner more was there. I need to say we covered surgery when i was there on. Npr latour coverage. Everybody a lot of people there where teams small team. Let's let's say team. Let's upfront that you know. Had instrumental roles as presence was significant absolutely right. This is why you were going to. And as i say drew f. After she took control and the got to ten minutes behind you eighteen memories seemed happy for for them to go. The big norwegian guards take longer than was.

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