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I'm tori and coming up on this week's inquiry continued growth and continued money making capability is not equivalent to endless reiter amounts of happiness So if more and more money doesn't make people happy what can. new zealand is introduced its first wellbeing budget were happiness will also be a measure of a country success i am from the government and i'm here to make you happy that is very scary something that countries should not be prioritizing wellbeing which can be subjective over more strict economic measures governments cannot make us happy i think the best they can ever do to stop making unhappy This week, we ask can a government, make you happy. b._b._c. news hello jerry smith the first is debate of the twenty twenty u._s. presidential election that been shopping exchanges between ten of the twenty contenders for the democratic party nomination the recipes and madras disagreed openly on healthcare funding climate change and the american military presence overseas and candidates rounded on president trump for his zero torrance immigration policies the democratic party strategies it creamer gave his reaction to the debate you look at the entire and listen to them they're such an extraordinarily refreshing contrast donald trump i think that will stand up very well the american people it also is a stage that looks like america quite remarkable what a diversity of candidates we have very proud of them often survive minutes the watching president trump tweeted one word boring ten more candidates including the form of ice president joe biden will hold a second debate on thursday evening the japanese foreign minister has called on the british government not to allow a no deal brexit taro kono told the bbc that failure to reach an agreement would bring very negative consequences for japanese companies currently operating in britain some of which already starting to move elsewhere mr konno's the car industry was a particular area of concern as dependent on pont's from across europe right now they have very sues operation their stock for each part is only for few hours but are if there's no deal brexit and if they have to go through actual custom inspection physically those operation may not be able to continue research in britain and canada say vaccination against the virus that causes almost all seven cancer is having a major impact their analysis data for more than a dozen countries found few instances of two strains of the human papillomavirus or h._p. brisson is the co leader of the study in our study which includes sixty million people from fourteen countries we show evidence of substantial reductions in h._p. infection and genital warts and precancerous lesions up to eight years after vaccination mr brussel said there should be more reductions in cases of cervical cancer in the next ten years the vaccines have been adopted in at least one hundred countries the constitutional court in indonesia is to hand down as ruining shortly on an opposition challenge to the official presidential election result the vote was won by president joko widodo but the defeated candidate for bose who be unto once the results are note claiming there was widespread vote-rigging the election supervisory agency has said no evidence of systematic cheating b._b._c. news the australian government says is trying to establish one of its citizens has been detained in north korea for three days there's been no sign of twenty nine year old alex sigli in pyongyang where he's been studying korean legislature running tours for foreign visitors he hasn't been in touch with them since tuesday Pyongyang has made no comment. israel's army radio has blamed russia for disruptions to g._p._s. signals in israel airspace it's the interference is believed to be caused by satellite signal jammer used by the russian military in syria the may mean airbase a wednesday israel's airports authority said they'd been disruptions in israel he as space for about three weeks of basseterre israel described the accusation as fake news the afghan president ashraf gani is holding talks in his lama bed with parkistan leaders his first visit since pakistan's prime minister imran khan came to office the discussions are expected to focus on the search for an end to the afghan conflict trade and border security joe mcgivering reports in the past relations between kabul and islam about have been rocky afghan leaders accused pakistan of stoking its long-running conflict find supporting cross-border militancy something pakistan denies president ghani hasn't been to pakistan for several years this visit comes at a critical time bilateral talks between the united states and the taliban are continuing so to is a separate regional peace initiative in which russia china and pakistan applying prominent roles the taliban has so far refused to engage directly with the afghan government which dismisses as illegitimate the german chancellor angela merkel's office has insisted that she is well after she was seen shaking at an official event for the second time in as many weeks she was standing and she trembled she listened to a speech in berlin by the president b._b._c. news this is the inquiry on the b._b._c. world service with me kavita puri each week one question four expert witnesses and then answer Kato northern New Zealand a one hundred year old grey building stands behind a high barbed.

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