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A mission to the transport personnel and equipment so far there's no sign of the crash is anything but a tragic accident if you're with us on the news at noon we had a major accident in lake county that had i four tied up for some time we've since learned a tractor trailer driver from deltona was killed in crashes the one on i four westbound at the four seventeen exit in lake mary the florida highway patrol believes the fifty year old driver of the semi suffered a medical episode while dry adding is truck went off the road hit a guardrail and then flipped completely upside down for much of the day traffics in detoured in lake mary area i'm gene wexler he could see a picture the accident in the news ninety six five wdbo app anna good samaritan who stopped to help a passenger an overturned car 95 this morning was hit and killed by another vehicle this happening king is happening in of vote on i ninety five in boulevard county and the fbi says they have not determined the motive for the pipe bomb explosion that damaged an airforce recruiting station in oklahoma authorities say device set off yet last night was called the center was closed noone was injured down now effort led disgruntled an act of the nothing terror than just playing games cell where trading as a criminal investigation with an explosive device most importantly no one was injured that's aging jesse rice who says officials are looking for the suspect and the motive but are not calling it terrorism at this point and the nypd more in the loss of one of their own murdered in the bronx last week scott pringle was at today's funeral a helicopter fly over here to honor bronx police officer miyasato familia thousands of officers from around the country filled the grand concourse for blocks the give the 48yearold mother of white glove salute police commissioner james o'neill told her three children your mom did not di in vain you're my made it her mission to make your home the city a better and safer place for everyone and i value it will continue to find our way forward in her honour 20yearold genesis grabbed tightly tour younger 12yearold siblings as she spoke at length about their mother 5o five at news ninety six five wdbo sean hannity here with my my friend mike lester from talon wealth management.

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