President Donald Trump, United, Daniels discussed on Mark Levin



Alison, Wyant two million dollars. That's what stormy Daniels is suing the Columbus police department for over her arrest in the city last year while she performed at an area strip club. The federal defamation lawsuit alleges that the officers conspire to retaliate against her over her allegations that she slept with President Donald Trump before he was elected Ohio has a new governor is Mike dewine was sworn in this afternoon grounded in the faith and grounded in the hope that we can change the future in the process. We will be fierce, and we'll be passionate advocates and defenders of the defenseless dewine said today, we are United as Ohio ends Eddie spoke about creating a better future for Ohio's children. We're United in our resolve to end this horrible opioid epidemic in our desire to preserve and protect our magnificent Lake Erie, you know, love for our pride. In this wonderful state several pass governors as well as more than fifty of Ohio's eighty eight sheriff's attended the inauguration at the state house. Meanwhile, is he is out of office. Now, Sixty-six-year-old former governor John casick has secured a talent agent. He's weighing a third run for president in two thousand twenty against Republican Donald Trump, whom he has often criticized case exactly would like to run as a Republican. But he hasn't ruled out running as an independent attorney general nominee. William bar will testify before senators on Capitol Hill tomorrow, he was an attorney general during the administration of president George H W Bush temperatures will remain cold after a very white weekend. The national weather service says we saw about four inches of snowfall across the city over the weekend. Meanwhile, a snow-covered runway is being blamed for a crash at the Cincinnati northern Kentucky international airport. A Delta Airlines flight from Las Vegas landed safely. But then slid off a taxiway hundred and twenty six people were on board. Nobody was injured. There was a giant. Restaurants supply show in Columbus today. The mid American restaurant expo has drawn thousands to the city to see the newest trends in the restaurant industry and four teams are left in the NFL playoffs top-seeded saints. They're hosting the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC championship game. The patriots are set to visit Kansas City on Sunday..

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