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From ABC news I'm Richard cancer the state of Georgia is partially reopening today president trump thinks it's too early and so does Atlanta mayor Keisha lance bottoms add a lot the card meant you please take a look at the governor's order and they have provided feedback on active to make them determination as to what if any we are in power to do as a baby while Georgia and some other states are taking steps to re open other states are not New York New Jersey band Illinois were JB Pritzker is the governor this is the part where we have to do again and we have to understand that the sacrifices that we've made as a state to avoid a worst case scenario are working and we need to keep going a little while longer to finish the job the house of representatives overwhelmingly passed and sent to president trump in nearly half trillion dollar pandemic relief measure speaker Nancy Pelosi there isn't a start date for us to once again pass are now fourth bi partisan legislation to address the coronavirus crisis the president decided today Amtrak the nation's passenger rail service is not immune to the near shut down of long distance travel daily ridership for Amtrak has dropped ninety five percent of the corona virus pandemic continues the company announcing it's likely to suffer a financial loss of seven hundred million dollars or more the new CEO William Flynn who just started last week will not take a salary as the company tries to cut costs why don't we's ABC news New York Democrat Joe Biden raised over one million dollars in the virtual fundraiser on Thursday night a question and answer session Biden accused president trump of undermining the November election with false claims and Biden says the president will come up with some rationale to attempt to delay the election you're listening to ABC news when news radio time is one oh two eagle county has earned an early release from the governor's stay at home order the county says infections have declined over fourteen days and only a handful of fatal cases as eagle county gets to open more local businesses the county is making it clear these stores will only be open to the local community the county says it is not open for business Ford Taurus eagle county was ground zero for corona virus back in March and has made an amazing turnaround even with taking a step down eagle county says people still need to stay at home as much as possible wear masks when they go out in public and practice physical distancing of six feet or more jury bill Cayley newsradio tricounty health is close the Walmart supercenter at the fourteen thousand block of east exposition in Aurora deputy director with tri county health Jennifer Ludwig they were already starting to close up when we issued the orders and had started cleaning will be asking them to place more a hand sanitizer at every checker and cleaning the restrooms more frequently so if there's a lot of things that we're asking them to do and to have into place before they can reopen if you're not sure what trails are open during the pandemic there's a new apps for that the Colorado parks and wildlife trail app has been updated to monitor information about trails parks campgrounds and visitor centers that are closed because of the pandemic originally used for.

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